Götti Switzerland: light, super slim titanium

Two new streamlined designs announced

The Swiss eyewear brand consistently pushes the envelope of titanium eyewear design. Inspired by classics, two new frames called ‘Alesi’ and ‘Aloya’ bridge the gap between retro style and contemporary finesse, in extraordinarily narrow titanium presented with a refined and restrained colour palette. Natural tones and gold varieties are favoured, sometimes in combination with other colours such as brown, champagne and purple. Above: model Aloya by Götti Switzerland – the palette proposed has an autumnal feel

Aloya by Götti Switzerland: a slightly oversized front and extremely slim temples

Minute details, such as a finely grooved surface for the outer rims, are a reminder of the precision and workmanship of the Götti manufacture, while the design of the nosepads and end tips appear discreet and minimal.

Hall of Frames 4. September 2022 Lucerne Museum of Transport
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Alesi by Götti Switzerland; a feminine butterfly style

The look of the two designs is in line with the current timeless focus in luxury eyewear. Titanium is favoured by Götti Switzerland for its aesthetic properties which “complement the wearer’s individuality” as well as offering unrivalled comfort as a frame material. The two frames are already available at selected opticians in Europe and the US. To find out more, visit www.gotti.ch