Colour trends: brown, cappuccino and latte tones

Written by Clodagh Norton – A brown palette featuring latte, espresso, Havana and classic blends of milky caramel inspired natural colours is a big theme for Autumn/Winter in eyewear – the variation of light, warm and rich brown shades are beautiful for many skin tones

The natural brown palette is easy to pair with other favourite winter tones, and has also been a catwalk favourite across accessories and apparel collections, offering a cozy and comfortable look to stay warm and stylish all season long. Above: French independent label Lunettes Alf offers some beautiful tones in this palette, including classic tortoise varieties and a pale crystal brown. The tinted lenses (above) add a fresh modern look in combination with the classic light brown frame colour,

Camille by Vera Wang: produced by Kenmark Eyewear

Vera Wang’s oversized Camille style comes in a stunning ‘chiffon tortoise’, a colour which is perfectly in keeping with the lighter tones in the trending brown/latte colour palette. This model, produced by the US eyewear makers Kenmark Eyewear, has a nice large classic eye shape with a lot of glamourous details and feminine appeal.

Stewart in colour ‘army’ – by Erker’s 1879

The Stewart frame, designed for men, comes from the Erker’s Special Reserve collection. It features a striking rectangular silhouette, softened by an angled cut along the brow. Special to this collection, two decorative Ferris Wheel rivets are found on the face of the frame, while their classic, authentic rivets bring a polished look to the exterior temple. This masculine frame is available in four colours of Black Gradient, Army, Skyline, and Matte Grey – with the ‘army’ tone offering up a unique and easy-to-wear brown variation for the male eyewear enthusiast.

Hedda by Götti Switzerland has a subtle gradient colouration: look out for this effect for Autumn/Winter 2023-24

The new acetate model Hedda by Götti Switzerland, which will premiere at Silmo Paris, is part of a refined collection where colours include transparent cappuccino brown, havana and earthy transparent caramel brown. The gradient effect is a particularly trendy look for Autumn/Winter: harmonious brown, coffee and caramel tones are softly graduated to light, transparent or milky tones in the same palette, merging and intersecting in sophisticated ways. A particular feature of the acetate frames in the line is the filigree gold metal inlay, which combines elegantly with these natural brown hues.

Verneuil by Ahlem Eyewear: handcrafted in France – the light brown tone is fresh and delicate for skin tones

In the new Paris Line for Autumn / Winter 2023, model Verneuil, an attractive Deco structure with a classical key hole bridge, comes in beautiful colour proposals, including the light brown tone pictured, an expression of a new feeling for delicacy and subtlety in the natural eyewear colour palette.

Marni in classic Havana acetate – a darker shade in the autumnal palette of browns, and one that is always highly sought after

The Marni frame Likya Yolu brings some vintage finesse to current eyewear directions with its bold square eye shape and classic Havana colour, a finish that is perfectly in line with the new season wave of browns and brown related tones. In eyewear, tones of Havana evoke quality, traditional craft and artisan excellence.

Benjamin by Kaleos – a trendy shape and colour from the Spanish label

The Spanish label Kaleos has recently announced new styles in their collection showing at Silmo Paris. The line has several brown colours in the new palette;  the sunglasses style Benjamin comes in this mid-tone brown with tone-on-tone tinted lens and is intended as a genderless style, suited to everybody. 

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