Silmo Preview: Rigards’ new work

The RG1009TI ‘Serpentine’ is inspired by guilloché (rose engine turning), an historic decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material…..this new design from Rigards has been shortlisted for a Silmo D’Or in the Optical Frame – Eyewear Designer Category.

Made from a single-source recycled titanium material, the new RG1009TI by Rigards represents a work of elegance and extraordinary refinement, uniting old and new ideas, artisan expertise and complex craftsmanship. Modern machining and time-honored goldsmithing were both used in the making process, and the materials which were specifically chosen to elevate the sustainable qualities of the design include pure titanium for the rim as well as beta-titanium for bridge, temples and corners. Above: RG1009TI ‘Serpentine’  – a ‘must-see’ this weekend during Silmo Paris

RG1009TI “Serpentine” by Rigards: a handmade piece of jewellery for the face – pure titanium is used for the rim, owing to its relative ductility, allowing for deeper-set engraving

The rounded rims of the RG1009TI ‘Serpentine’ feature the guilloché patterning which is inspired by serpents and dragons; this is applied in a meticulous mathematically predetermined pattern via rose engine turning which involves immense skill. Compensating for machine limitations, traditional hand tools including polishing wheels, three types of sandpaper and blades, files and picks of various kinds – were all required to perfect and complete the rim design.

Every detail of the frame has been carefully calculated to achieve the ideal balance of fine aesthetics with lightness and comfort. Further characteristics include the use of beta-titanium for some elements such as the temples and corners to achieve a “restrained simplicity” which does not take the attention away from the extraordinary work of the front. Finally, the frame is polished with six different sizes of natural, reusable walnut shell media to achieve a gentle luster as well as the signature hand-polished ‘Time-Machine’ patina of the artisan label. Find out more at