Colour trends: the power of red eyewear

By Clodagh Norton – The red palette is popular again this coming season, with many iterations of bright red, fuchsia and crimson tones available for different complexions and personalities….a perfect lift through the Autumn and Winter months…

The red effect in eyewear is enlivening, energetic, at times experimental, and bold. For Autumn/Winter, the variety of tones take a cue from the catwalk: electrifying lipstick-red monochrome tones are as much of a style statement as elegant warm muted scarlet, coral and cherry hues that lift the complexion and feel classic and modern. Some of the reds are closely linked to bright pink and fuchsia, with some of the more radical designs exploring red to pink gradient effects that are expressive and intense. Above: model Queen in the Volumetrica Capsule by Ørgreen Optics, pictured in Marmalade Pink – this brand new almond-shaped style blends soft, feminine shapes with bold design. The crystal colorations bring a playful, vibrant twist,

Emma by Kirk and Kirk – a featured style in the Contour Collection

The ‘Carmine’ red tone at Kirk and Kirk is one of our favourites: carmine is generally known as a slightly purplish red hue and the acrylic version by the UK eyewear brand makes a dazzling saturated frame front, combined with metal temples for a sleek and well defined contrast.

Cabin by OGI Eyewear: a playful red-orange colour mix

OGI Eyewear’s Cabin is a fine example of an expression of layers of colour and texture in eyewear this season – offering a versatile statement look that suits many faces. OGI has developed a reputation for its vibrant colours and clever frame designs. The Autumn collection continues with explorations of many shapes including cat eye, rectangular, and rounded shapes paired with the attractive layered colours. Find out more at

M12 by VUE DC – red is a flattering colour for many skin types

The French brand VUE DC uses a bright fuchsia colour in their metal collection. Model M12 is an angular thick-rimmed metal style which looks modern and interesting in this bright, positive hue.

Blackfin Atlantic  – model Hoxton

The red version of Hoxton by Blackfin is a feature of the Atlantic collection, a line offering sharp and striking 3mm titanium fronts. Features of this frame include temples cut from a sheet of beta titanium five-tenths of a mm thick, giving good flexibility. Blackfin’s patented Swordfish temple tip conveys a sense of particular comfort, because the temple length can be quickly adjusted to suit the contours of the face.

Amaia by Gigi Studios

Amaia by Gigi Studios is a large silhouette, transformed with the bright red tone from a traditional 1970s silhouette into a bold and trendy design. The Amaia is one of four bright red oversized optical styles in the Vanguard Collection. 

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