Vanessa & Mehdi 1003-1007

Vanessa & Mehdi

Vanessa & Mehdi design frames with amazing engineering feats. In 2007, they won a coveted Silmo D’Or (an Oscar equivalent in eyewear) and they bring a unique style to their creations, with ethereal, futuristic elements combined with technological innovation. Their frames have a mechanism designed in mould-injected metal that ensures a micrometric adjustment, so that every frame has a customized fit for the temples and frame front. The lenses on these particularly distinctive frames, give the illusion of “floating”, and purple is just one of several delicious colours in which these frames are available.You can find these frames and other innovative designs by Vanessa & Mehdi at Blanco Optica in Valladolid, Spain and Optique Milbert in Remich, Luxembourg. JG



Acetate and I have a long love affair. I started wearing glasses at fourteen years old; the first pair was in basic black acetate, but the frames were comfortable and from the start, I liked the feel of acetate. And so the relationship began. Over the years, acetate has evolved far beyond basic into a very luxurious, romantic material for spectacle frames. My latest acetate love is Reina from Face à Face. The sculptured oval retro shape features a solid colour frame front with contrasting colour on the sidepieces and interior of the design. A ruby red frame front features black, sculptured sidepieces and interior. Or there is a black frame contrasted with smooth Cappuccino sidepieces on the interior. The pièce de resistance is a discreet decorative art acetate blossom on the side of the temple. A little touch that adds distinction to this elegant frame. Face à Face is a Paris based company that has been creating exciting eyewear for fifteen years. They have won several Silmo D’or awards, the equivalent of a Palme D’Or or an Oscar, for their designs. Face à Face frames can be found in London at the Observatory boutique, in Paris at Bastille Optic and in Milan at L’O on Via Giuseppe Verdi 2. Further information on stockists worldwide at