Felder Felder

for Silhouette

We’ve seen them on the catwalk and now they are available to the public, in a limited edition of 4000 pairs: Special Edition ‘It shades’ with a fun cat-eye design and circular lens by Felder Felder for Silhouette. An ultralight high-tech rimless design, the sunglasses have been launched in four colours – dark green (pictured), classic brown, hip pink and bright neon orange. Silhouette will exhibit at the London show, 100% Optical this weekend. More information on availability at www.silhouette.com. For information on Felder Felder go to www.felderfelder.com  CN

Zero 03

Finest Seven

Crystal and gold merge with beauty and harmony in this striking frame by Finest Seven. The design captures the major eyewear fashion feature for 2015 – sunglasses with volume shaping, but extremely light and airy. The sculptured detailing on the frame front adds a dramatic touch, and the Zeiss gold mirror lenses complete this chic eyewear statement. www.finestseven.com JG



Craftsmanship and enduring beauty are keynote at RIGARDS – and their latest natural horn collection is exciting and directional. Ti Kwa likes to blend old and new in one instrument, with inspirations that are fluid and eclectic. But at the core, vintage references are translated to eyewear in a modern yet non-conformist way, as elegantly expressed in RG0008, pictured above. www.rigards.com JG

Stranger No. 18

Adrian Marwitz

German eyewear designer Adrian Marwitz has just launched a new frame in featherweight Titanium, that is part of his Urban Stranger series. The graceful, contemporary shape in Stranger No. 18 – all handcrafted in Germany – is particularly stunning in a lustrous, shiny finish – a colour that is a lovely blend of copper and gold. www.adrianmarwitz.com JG


rapp Eyewear

rapp Eyewear continues to produce creative avant-garde frame designs. A family business, led by Shilo Rapp, trained as a goldsmith, the frames have a unique handmade look and feature materials like titanium and Italian acetate – always with a distinctive finish. Francine caught our eye: the style is like all of Rapp’s designs made in the brand’s own production workshop in Toronto. The acetate material has a subtle striated pattern. The shape also boasts a fantastic bevelling effect which gives it lots of character.





Down Lush Boulevard

Anna-Karin Karlsson

Swedish designer Anna-Karin Karlsson creates romantic, original eyewear with magical adornment. Among the splendid designs in her new optical collection is Down Lush Boulevard – a charming retro interpretation in black acetate, and white shell roses with gold accents, cascade on the front. Each frame is crafted and drilled by hand. Order romantic Down Lush Boulevard now online via  www.annakarinkarlsson.com JG

Zero 04 Black

Finest Seven

For an optical frame with elegance and chic, Zero 04 is a beautiful example. Smooth black acetate is finely sculpted with a lifted brow, and then majestically accented with a vintage rolled gold brow bar that extends to the sides. Finest Seven designer Jesse Stevens studied sculpture, and his understanding of the metier brings unique distinction to the frame designs. www.finestseven.com JG


Anne et Valentin

A strong message for ophthalmic frames this year is colour – clear, lucid colour, frequently augmented with sleek marbled effects in contrasting tones. Purple is a favourite – and Anne et Valentin offers this elegant version  – D-Tail – in acetate with sharp, clean lines, softened by a murmur of retro/vintage – updated for the present day. The graceful cat eye shape unites dynamism and femininity, accentuating delicate features with an air of assertiveness. www.aneetvalentin.com JG

N. Punto 39

Mondelliani Italy

Colour is keynote at Modelliani – the Italian brand features contemporary shapes with distinct colour harmony. N. Punto 39 is a lovely springtime optical choice in acetate in fresh green tones, balanced with a tortoiseshell camouflage marbled effect. The front has a matt finish, providing a subtle contrast to the frame design. To discover more Mondelliani frames, visit www.mondelliani.it JG

Blink 0500

Volte Face Paris

Designer Fabienne Coudray-Meisel combines trend-led colourful patterned acetate – tortoise and stripes – with clear translucent colour – in model Blink from the Volte Face Collection. A line that showcases French quality design and an innovative presentation of colours and materials, the Volte Face collection is available through J.F. Rey stockists and at J.F.Rey Soho (www.jfreysoho.com) in New York.

J.F.Rey Soho, 448 West Broadway New York, NY 10012



Paulino Spectacles

There is a wide choice of round spectacles for men at this time; I particularly like the small metal circular ones with a 1920s feel, and the soft coloured acetate ones, such as this style by newcomers, Paulino Spectacles. Crafted in a small traditional spectaclemaking establishment in Portugal, this one takes the classic design and gives it a special two-tone colour makeover. The photo does justice to the spectacles in that the attractive translucent colour of the acetate material is well represented. A smart choice for men and a label to watch out for this year. www.paulinospectacles.com CN

Dubai 03


A beautiful classic frame for men, this new style from Coppe+Sid expresses design harmony, strength and elegance. The luminous effect is achieved by mixing solid acetate block colour with translucent tones. Attention to detail is very important at Coppe+Sid, and this beautifully crafted frame made in Italy is a lovely example. Available at London’s Mallon & Taub – www.mallonandtaub.com  – and selected retailers. www.coppeandsid.com JG

My Burrito

Frency & Mercury

Japanese designer Eque M. was educated in America, and the West Coast is the inspiration for his frame designs. Luxury materials and prestigious details are incorporated into the frames. My Burrito (above) is handmade in Japanese acetate with 18K gold detailing. The frame has strong, masculine styling – the distinctive flat bridge denotes eyewear with personality. Frency & Mercury creatively combine classic and contemporary features. www.frency-mercury.com JG


Jeremy Tarian

Silmo D’Or winner Jeremy Tarian has just launched stunning new men’s frames, including this distinguished design – Newsstand. The bold, strong shape and beautiful tortoise acetate marquetry effect is highlighted with a bevelled bridge in crystal acetate. Contrasting both light and dark tones adds to the individuality of the frame. www.jeremytarian.com JG

Jerry 5

Lotho Paris

Stripes in neutral tones give a very sophisticated look to Jerry 5 – from the distinctive collection of men’s frames at Lotho Paris. Colour variations, fine design and excellent crafting are hallmarks at Lotho, and Jerry 5 in fine polished acetate, handmade in Japan, exudes authority and style. Lotho designs are available in Paris at Artisan du Regard www.artisanduregard-opticien.com and Parici Paris 14, rue du Bourg-Tibourg 75004. For more details, visit www.lotho.fr JG


Götti Switzerland

Götti has just launched an amazing, refined and elegant selection of Buffalo horn frames. The crafting is superb – characteristic of Sven Götti and his innovative eyewear collections. Nature provides the most luxurious materials, and Buffalo horn is an ideal raw material for exclusive frames. Maple and walnut are also integrated into the frame, and the result is a gorgeous design with natural sheen, beautiful texture and strength. Balou (above) with its round shape and natural qualities is a creative symphony in frame design. www.gotti.ch JG


Leisure Society

Superior materials – titanium and plated gold in 12K, 18K, or 24K,  – highlight this beautiful frame by Shane Baum. The multi-dimensional laser etching on titanium and the rim wire, plus elegant enamel inserts, add to the luxurious look and feel of Princeton (above). Every little detail is meticulous, further expressing the beauty and craftsmanship. With its classic design, this is an heirloom frame, one that will stand the test of time and fashion. www.leisure-society.com JG


Jeremy Tarian

Paris based Jeremy Tarian is inspired by the vitality and vibrancy of New York City for his new collection – frames that simmer with the energy and edginess for which the city is renowned. Brown and black combine handsomely in Mainstage (above) in an acetate design that exudes strength and character. It’s also striking in black and red, or black with chrome. www.jeremytarian.com JG


Whiteout & Glare

The fragility of coral reefs is the inspiration for Culcita – a Limited Edition design, and a project dedicated to reef conservation. With its well-proportioned shape and stylish character, Culcita was created as a “product with a cause” – sunglasses with a name and a mission to raise awareness about the rapidly vanishing coral reefs. For more information on Whiteout & Glare designs, and their project, visit www.whiteout-glare.com JG



Beausoleil Paris

Yachting has all the characteristics of Gatsby days – romantic ports, sunny beaches, and dashing skippers on their yachts. Frédéric Beausoleil has included sophisticated details on this handsome, strong design that include the cut-out on the bridge, and fine ridging on the nosepiece and temples. In addition to this knockout black and chrome colouration (above), Yachting is also available in tortoise and gold. More details at www.beausoleil.fr JG


Götti Switzerland

Sun Pepe was my favourite among the re-launch of the “P-Serie Sunglasses” unveiled by Götti at Opti Munich. The handsome, timeless aviator in titanium features a curved double bridge – a strong trend, particularly in men’s eyewear. The 360° swivelling temples means that the frames fold easily and are very compact. In palladium and black, Pepe is certainly a stunner. www.gotti.ch JG


Thierry Lasry

I have known Thierry since the 1990s; he looks like a rockstar and he’s the designer of clever, cool, underground eyewear; he’s totally passionate about eyewear design as many designers in the business are…he’s always shown me his frames with such great enthusiasm that I come away impressed by the creativity, the excitement he manages to inject into his styles, and the way he manages to put his stamp on his designs…he’s certainly very popular with celebrities, and you can see why – the designs are always special or make an independent statement. Model Sexxxy is just that (with one “x”); its sister shape, model “Lively” is one that Madonna has been seen in time and again, and Sexxxy provides that lovely reminder of vintage shapes of the past, in a futuristic concept – the temples look as if they have been designed by an architect, the chunky quality of the black acetate is a wonderful camouflage (you can see why the famous faces would like it to hide behind) and yet it has an eloquent shape. CN