Mazzucchelli Magic

Italian Acetate with Global Accolades

One of the first new words I learned when starting to work in eyewear was “Mazzucchelli.” When designers and companies mentioned quality acetate, it was Mazzucchelli. The company was spoken of with reverence, awe and respect. After many years of admiring the lustrous beauty of Mazzucchelli, there was an opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters  – with a group of delightful Dutch opticians – located in the charming Italian village of Castiglione Olona, near Milan. Res/Rei, who produces all their imaginative designs in Mazzucchelli acetate, graciously organised an informative and inspiring visit to the firm that was founded in 1849.

In the ensuing one hundred sixty plus years , Mazzucchelli has created innovative, colourful and technical acetate marvels, that enables designers to broaden their approach to eyewear, and to explore and expand unlimited potential in frames. Creating acetate is a complex process that involves many intricate steps.  The knowledge, skill, and experience of enlightened craftsmen have passed down their unique talents from generation to generation. The careful blending of creative artisans and sophisticated equipment produces astounding results.

Acetate in process at Mazzucchelli
Acetate in process at Mazzucchelli Photo: Umberto-Res/Rei

Even though Mazzucchelli has the latest state-of-the-art machinery, it still utilizes machines that were built in 1884. Painstaking and delicate steps are involved in acetate creations, and employees must complete an intensive training period. In addition, production requires special skill sets including mental agility, patience, and experience in order to ensure the colour and high quality expected from Mazzucchelli. The company takes particular care that the employees are safe and protected during these processing operations – and takes great satisfaction in knowing that the staff is passionate and knowledgeable about what they do.

Mazzucchelli orsi
The Better To See You…Bespectacled Bears welcome visitors at Mazzucchelli entrance Photo: Umberto-Res/Rei

Just as fabric companies follow fashion influences, Mazzucchelli has a keen eye on the trends, and develops 6000-8000 new colours every year, seventy percent of which are custom made. Designers often remark on the “warmth, beauty, smoothness and depth” of Mazzucchelli acetate, and it is one of the many reasons that they create frames in this material. Oliviero Zanon at Res/Rei enjoys scouring the Mazzucchelli archives to find vintage acetates in which to develop his collection. Zanon once remarked that one of the reasons he started to create eyewear, is “because I wanted a more human experience. You interact with all the people involved from the manufacturer of the materials, to the clients…it is quite amazing.”

Acetate Triumph - Venere by Res/Rei in Mazzucchelli Acetate
Acetate Triumph – Venere by Res/Rei in Mazzucchelli Acetate

What is also amazing is the continuity of craftsmanship that begins with Mazzucchelli, and continues through to the eyewear designers – harmonious creations made by people who really care. Res/Rei will be at SILMO 25-28th September  JG Top Photo: Bach and Mozart from The Musicians Collection by Res/Rei in Mazzucchelli Acetate

Autumn Eyewear Highlights

September and SILMO in Paris

1st September 2015 An exhilarating colour palette is just one of the numerous highlights that awaits visitors at SILMO in Paris from 25th to 28th September. International eyewear creators will present their latest collections, and the previews we have seen, indicate that the forthcoming season promises to be a beautiful symphony of colour, appealing shapes, and superb materials.

Ultra-slim acetate designs by Sven Götti at Götti Switzerland (above) possess a swashbuckling urban look with retro contours. Randy (forefront) features the symbolic Götti shine, in an autumn hue of shining russet. Wlady is a powerful shape with a velvety, soft matte finish in smooth Mocha. Randy and WLady are genuine modern classics luxuriously crafted.


Carey in Ocean by Kirk & Kirk
Carey in Ocean by Kirk & Kirk

The Greek god of beauty – Kalos – has inspired the vibrant colours in Kirk & Kirk’s new Kaleidoscope collection. Jason and Karen Kirk have crafted their signature Italian acrylic material into distinctive frames that radiate brilliant colour with a polished glass effect. Carey in Ocean features contemporary styling with strong, sophisticated contours.

SOHO in Lilac by Lafont Paris
SOHO in Lilac by Lafont Paris

Lafont Paris unveils their superb 2015 sunglass collection at SILMO. Amongst the newest designs is SOHO, with beautiful Liberty Art Fabric inserted between the acetate. The colourful floral variations are reminiscent of an English Country Garden, bursting with abundant blossoms. And just like a flourishing oasis, the colours are wonderful – including lilac (above); the frame is also available in a medley of red, blue, yellow and green florals; plus a predominately “white” garden scattered with tiny multi-colour buds; and three other variations. Lafont also promises additional eyewear surprises at SILMO this year – more info at

Bungle Bungle by Jono Hennessy
Bungle Bungle by Jono Hennessy

Jono Hennessy reflects on his Australian heritage, and incorporates the colours and prints of his native land in the new eyewear collection. Bungle Bungle is inspired by the outback town of Coober Pedy, and its rare black opals. The expressive cat-eye shape is the perfect concept for these colourful and exotic frames. Jono Hennessy will also be launching a new brand at SILMO – Zepher Modern Alchemy – uniting Titanium and HDCA (hard density cellulose acetate). Additional SILMO information at JG


Eyewear Canine Companions

Lapin – The Bilingual Pooch

27th August 2015 Eyestylist’s continuing series on Eyewear Canine Companions visits with Lapin – who is bilingual, but reportedly all paws when it comes to computer keyboards. So Lapin had a little assistance from her owners Jason and Karen Kirk, of Kirk & Kirk Eyewear.

Have you had Lapin since she was a puppy? “Lapin joined the Kirk family when she was eight weeks old. She is now twelve. Her parents were working dogs, and we met her at a farm in the Pyrenees, France. She is a Pyreneen Shepherd. As a puppy, she would herd Eden and Ezra (her parents) as if they were sheep, and nip their ankles.”

Is Lapin an “office dog?” “Lapin spends her day in our design studio making sure we are not barking up the wrong tree.”

Lapin The Pyreneen Shepherd
Lapin The Pyreneen Shepherd

What are some of her special characteristics? “Lapin has a fear of flies. She has lived in Brighton for three years now, so she is completely bilingual. Her favourite artist is Celine Dion, which really annoys the rest of the family, as nobody else in the house enjoys listening.”

Has walking with Lapin ever triggered a design idea? “Taking Lapin for a walk offers a brief moment of calm…often the moment when ideas are formed.”

Does Lapin travel with you? “Lapin rarely travels with us although she did make the move from Bordeaux to Brighton. When we go on holiday she often prefers to stay with friends rather than come with us. As a mature lady, we allow her to make her own decisions. Lapin was nine when she moved to England, the perfect age for learning a new language. She took the cultural change in her stride, but developed a nervous twitch. And now whenever she meets a French person she whistles “She” by Charles Aznavour. It was alright the first few times…” JG


October Destination: Zurich

Hall of Frames in Switzerland

Independent, exclusive eyewear brands headline the Hall of Frames exhibition in Zurich 4th and 5th October. The event is a celebration of eyewear creators, and includes among others: ROLF Spectacles; Adrian Marwitz; Götti; Suzy Glam; Kirk & Kirk; Orgreen; Face à Face; Hapter; Lafont; and Coblens.

ROLF Spectacles present their award-winning Excellence 92 (above) from the evolved collection. Streamlined and elegant, the frame is available in four different wood combinations – utilising the finest natural materials, innovative technologies, and superb craftsmanship. All ROLF designs are produced by hand in The Tyrol in Austria.

Stranger No. 13 in Titanium by Adrian Marwitz
Stranger No. 13 in Titanium by Adrian Marwitz

Extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, Adrian Marwitz champions the characteristics of Titanium in his Urban Stranger series. Lucky number Stranger 13 is slim and slender, artfully crafted in Germany, and exudes a sophisticated air in Navy Blue with Turquoise trim. Photo by Max Gudczinski

Suzy Glam Has Left The Building by Susanne Klemm
Suzy Glam Has Left The Building by Susanne Klemm

“Suzy Glam has left the building” is an evocative new design from The Netherlands based designer Susanne Klemm. Smooth acetate is crafted into a voluminous shape that is bold and striking. A varied selection of colours is available including Champagne (above); army, thunder; and turtle in luminous acetate, plus matte versions. Save the dates for Zurich! More information at JG

School Zone

Trendy Opticals

Reading Writing, ‘rithmatic…and new glasses! Appealing frame designs for the new term will please and excite both youngsters and their parents. Zoobug has a striking, fun collection that includes vintage shapes in modern colours. The above photo features Sunny – a round design in perky red/white stripes: Butterfly is for children from 5-12 years; Kat is perfect for blooming fashionistas; and Square is super trendy in a range of colours created to delight children. For more information on the latest Zoobug collection, visit Photo by Wanda Kujacz,

Cheerful and Bright; Rififi by Lafont Paris
Cheerful and Bright; Rififi by Lafont Paris

Bright, joyful colours and precise fit highlight children’s eyewear at Lafont Paris. A Scottish touch with the inside of the frame accented in Tartan plaid adds zest and zip to Rififi. Discover more fresh statement shapes for children at

Delicate pastels: Montreal by Red Optical
Delicate pastels: Montreal by Red Optical

Red Optical in The Netherlands has launched a beautiful collection for children in colours that range from soft pastels to sophisticated darker tones. Montreal has a vintage spirit, crafted in smooth acetate, with perfect fit for little faces.

School Day Studies in Doyle by Original Penguin Junior
School Day Studies in Doyle by Original Penguin Junior

Eyewear styles that reflect adult designs are a favourite with kids, and Original Penguin Junior has a selection for boys in grown up colours that include black, tortoiseshell and olive geen. JG

Timeless Design and Elegance

LINDBERG Handcrafted Air Titanium Rim

The Air Titanium Rim was launched in 1993, and today, the frame is an icon in the LINDBERG collections. The lightweight, minimalist design is individually handcrafted, and weighs only three grams. It is both strong and flexible, with a graceful curved bridge, as in Marlene  – above.

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim - Exceptional Eyewear
LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim – Exceptional Eyewear

Henrik Lindberg says: “If something’s worth doing, we do it exceptionally well. That’s why we insist on the unique LINDBERG blend of iconic handmade Danish design, subtle elegance and exceptional comfort – everything done in-house.”

The LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim frame is representative of elegant, enduring fine design. JG

Autumn Influences…

A harvest of beautiful eyewear from independent designers is featured this month at international events. Handcrafted glasses and sunglasses in luxurious materials, stylish shapes and amazing colours confirms the beauty and unlimited possibilities for creative eyewear. Continue to follow Eyestylist and experience the latest eyewear collections. Check out all the Eyestylist sections for frames, fashion, boutiques, creative spirits, and cultural icons.

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Bright and beautiful

Exclusive: Joseph Haver Sunglasses

Tel Aviv’s optical boutique owner/optometrist Joseph Haver launches his second sun collection, with five styles for women and men, inspired by 1960s futurism and 40s geometric purity. Vintage proportions, and a hint of the white ‘Lugene’ sunglasses photographed famously by Horst in 1939, come together with evocative colours – classical tortoise, black and white, or up-to-the-minute grey or red.

Joseph Haver
Joseph Haver – Mod 1

In line with the popular direction for bold graphic shapes (squares, circles and octagonals with contrasting lens shapes and flat surfaces), the frames come in Mazzucchelli acetate known for its quality and finish, and are made in a small family factory in Italy. Despite the large, eccentric proportions, the fit is carefully addressed by the optometrist-designer, with temples sculpted through to the end tips for comfort and ease-of-wear. The collection goes online soon at Also available at Joseph Haver Optometrist, Tel Aviv, Israel. Photography by Michael Topyol. CN

Here Come The Bold Bond Girls

Better than Ever With theo

6th August 2015 With a new Bond film on the horizon, theo has launched amazingly cool frames that will rock your world. Just like the original “007” women, theo’s “Bond Girls” are young, glamorous and like to make their own statement…as theo says: Bond Girls are ladies with guts!

Eve by theo from the Bond Girl Collection
Eve by theo from the Bond Girl Collection

Four strong, significant designs in seventeen brand-new colours highlight the acetate frames with a 3D effect. Volume is key here, with the front piece lining up perfectly with the volume of the temples.

Iconic Film - Iconic Frame Octopussy by theo
Iconic Film – Iconic Frame Octopussy by theo

However, the frames – and the temples – are not heavy, but distinctive and stylish. Each model has been given the first name of an iconic Bond Girl – Pussy (Galore) Octopussy, Vesper (Lynd) and Eve. Will 007 – that dangerous and famous secret agent – be able to resist their charm? JG

Earthly Delights

Natural Tones Enhance Eyewear

Woodlands, brown soil, trees, rocks and sand are inspiration for eyewear designs, and the end result is frames in desirable earth tones. Generous shaping in Abry (above) by Sven Götti at Götti Switzerland, is slightly angular, and combines trends and tradition in this eye-catching frame. Handcrafted in smooth acetate, the design is strong, handsome and nature-friendly.

Natural Beauty by Paola Costantini at Pollipo'
Natural Beauty by Paola Costantini at Pollipo’

Designer Paola Costantini at Pollipo’ lives near the sea and says of her new design style 604: “I wanted to include a neutral tone, and found CIPRIA was really perfect for my collection. The special feature is the ‘satin’ matt finishing which makes it so soft in terms of colour appearance on the face, and beautiful on every skin colour, smooth and comfortable to touch. The artisanal technique used to obtain this opaque is by a sandblasted finish. The beach and sand around me are related to this story.” The elegant, distinctive case is Terra-Beige Tuscan leather.

Spencer: Sophisticated Eyewear by Kirk & Kirk
Spencer: Sophisticated Eyewear by Kirk & Kirk

Round and retro styling feature in a striking unisex design – Spencer – by Kirk & Kirk. The frames are produced in France in superb quality Italian acrylic, extremely light, and ultra-comfortable to wear.  The tree-bark brown frame is accented with a decorative animal on the temples, in nine-caret gold, handmade in England by artisan jewellers. JG


Creative, authentic, handcrafted eyewear by master artisans – explore REVIEWS for fabulous new styles. Visit Boutiques and travel to a lovely Danish shop for an inspiring visit. Beautiful, original scarves in luxurious fabrics are the metier of The Designer of the Month; while in CITY GUIDES, go on a world tour of the Fashion Capitals. Happy, sunny summer to all!

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Eyewear Canine Companions

New Team Recruit at Coppe+Sid

29th July 2015 Coppe Gualtiero, co-founder with Sid Fiz at Coppe+Sid, introduces the newest member of the team. 

“Marilu is a new entry at Eye Design Club Italia. She just joined the company a month ago, and she has not yet met Uncle Coppe and Uncle Sid, as they are managing ED Club Europe in London, and ED Club Asia Pacific in Singapore at the moment. Marilu is an Australian Sheppard, and she is seven months old. Her mother Teddy is four years old, and gave birth to nine puppies! All of them have found homes. Marilu is very quite and shy, and definitely a good ‘office dog’ girl, and just needs a little ‘control.’

Marilu tries on Coppe+Sid designs with Anna and Maria Angela
Marilu tries on Coppe+Sid designs with Anna and Maria Angela from the sales team

“Marilu likes to be with somebody all the time, and she welcomes every person coming to the office – not only the customers!  She is the same at the house, only she is not really a watchdog, as you very seldom hear her ‘voice’ or bark.

Mariliu with Coppe+Sid Graphic Designer Nicolo Stramare
Mariliu with Coppe+Sid Graphic Designer Nicolo Stramare

“She is not travelling with me yet, but she has started enjoying little trips by car with local Coppe+Sid sales women. When Marilu is at the office she is curious about any new products. She waits for break times, especially during this hot summer, to have fun with people in the office, like Nicolo, our Graphic Designer. My friend rescued Teddy, Marilu’s mother, and I’m so pleased that I have this good girl Marilu!” JG

Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths: Fun and Functional!

From Utilitarian to Art

25th July 2015 L.a. Eyeworks pose the question: “Who said that cleaning your lenses has to be a mundane task?” The California based brand is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, and in addition to original frames and cases, they have been creating fun and amusing cleaning cloths. The company commissions innovators – illustrators, artists, and graphic designers – to explore the lens cleaning cloth as a blank canvas for art. Since 2009, the programme has featured works by world-renowned figures from the visual arts, including among others: Jim Isermann; Kori Newkirk; Susan Stilton; Barbara Keruger; Remy Charlip; and contemporary artist Jeffrey Vallance (dog lens cloth above), whose artworks infiltrate the everyday and the overlooked, infusing them with fantasy and spirituality.

Mandrake by Mondelliani
Mandrake by Mondelliani

Cleaning cloths from Mondelliani in Rome incorporate film and real -life characters, plus beautiful fantasy images of the Four Seasons – perhaps taking a cue from Vivaldi’s musical masterpiece.

Winter lens cleaning cloth by Mondelliani
Winter lens cleaning cloth by Mondelliani

Created by Mondelliani graphic designer Felipe Colasanti, the cloth colourations are vibrant and lively.

Natural Beauty - Pebbles cleaning cloth by SALT.
Natural Beauty – Pebbles cleaning cloth by SALT.

Nature is the force and inspiration behind S.A.L.T. Optics, and they carry this theme through to their cleaning cloths, which feature elegant expressions of the sky, sea and mountains. This utilitarian item is not only useful, but is entertaining and stylish! JG

Brighten Your Sun Style

Sunnies to Enhance Your Summer Spirit

22nd July 2015 The holiday season is upon us, and along with swimwear, sandals and suntan cream, the accessory with the maximum impact…is sunglasses. Götti Switzerland has created Limited Edition sunglasses to mark the 68th Festival del Film Locarno 2015. The frames purposely reflect the era of great cinema legends. The contemporarily interpreted butterfly shape of the women’s sunglasses (above) is reminiscent of those made for icons Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. The men’s design pays tribute to film luminaries Cary Grant and Richard Burton. The sunglasses are available in black with gold mirrored lenses, which discreetly mirror the Pardo in Locarno, the symbol of the film festival. Only fifty pairs have been produced, and each model is numbered and one of a kind.

Reunion by L.G.R. for Yacht Club de Monaco

L.G.R. the elegant Rome label created by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, has designed sunglasses in collaboration with the the exclusive Yacht Club de Monaco. Reunion is ideal for for summer pleasures – land and sea – when eye protection is essential. The frames come in a customized box, also designed by Ruscone.

Silhouette Sun Style
Silhouette Sun Style

Austrian brand Silhouette Eyewear recommends that the principle of quality standards sought for sun protection products should be exactly the same for sunglasses. Opt for lenses with UV-400 protection+, as featured in Silhouette’s elegant Allure sunglasses above. Fit is extremely important, and Silhouette suggest checking that the frames fit snugly without pressure on your ears, and that they don’t slip down your nose. You want to look stylish and be comfortable too!

Soupcan by Tavat
Soupcan by Tavat

Inspiration comes in many different guises and TAVAT, the American eyewear company has launched an innovative frame “SoupCan.” The idea originated when designer Norman Schureman visited a friend in Arizona, who constructs  and races planes, and Schureman noticed an old poster on a hanger wall. The goggles in the poster reminded Norm of a soup can, and thus started the voyage to create frames in a new concept, while complimenting the current trends of weight and rounded eyes. “SoupCan” is available in round and panto shapes, crafted under the experienced and professional eyes of Italian artisans. JG

For sunny days ahead

Summer’s best brights

20th July 2015 There’s still time to refresh colours for summer holidays. Beyond the beautiful world of classic eyewear tones is a new choice of sunglasses in pinks, blues, greens, and oranges that are upbeat and exotic, and ideal for vacations. Roman brand Mondelliani sets this warming tone with a Limited Edition Ibiza collection: vibrant punchy colours on a quirky version of the circular silhouette.

Lee by Morgenthal Frederics
Lee by Morgenthal Frederics

Dip into shocking pink with Lee by Morgenthal Frederics, a chic vintage Bardot cat-eye updated in a graduated lipstick shade with grey gradient lens.


io ethical eyewear
Io Ethical Italian Eyewear

Or go all out in citrus hues: Io Ethical Italian Eyewear’s unusual handmade metal “wire” designs include this eye-catching round shape (pictured in orange with a gentle smokey lens tint), created by Adriano Lio, and part of the Juta Collection. Io Ethical Italian Eyewear, an independent artisan label by Liò Factory is based in Italy’s Veneto region. More information: CN

Cool…and Hot!

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

14th July 2015 Two intrepid spirits, Luca Gnecchi Ruscone – founder and designer at L.G.R. in Rome; and “Ethan Hunt” – played by famous actor Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible –  Rouge Nation” – relish adventure and excitement as reflected in the extraordinary stunts filmed in this fifth Mission production. L.G.R.’s stunning sunglasses and lenses worn by Cruise, have been specifically developed to create the exceptional quality vision – and durability necessary – to execute the many thrilling scenes in this movie.

Electrifying Sunglasses Comoros by L.G.R.
Electrifying Sunglasses Comoros by L.G.R.

Cruise’s electrifying motorcycle chase – perhaps energized and empowered by the unique design of L.G.R. Comoros Sunglasses (two photos above) in ultra-thin, laser cut stainless steel – allows him to successfully complete his many challenges/stunts in this movie.

Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation" wearing L.R.G.  Tangeri
Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation” wearing Tangeri by L.G.R.

In other scenes, our hero Hunt/Cruise wears Tangeri by L.G.R., with contemporary lines echoing by-gone times – a true modern classic. The sleek, sporty design of the sunglasses is a perfect fit for this adrenaline-rushing action-packed movie by Paramount. L.G.R. frames are handcrafted in Italy, and both Comoros and Tangeri models are available in selected boutiques and at JG

For Him, for Her

Salt. + Aether

10th July 2015 Two premium brands – SALT. Eyewear and AETHER technical outerwear, both based in California – have combined their expertise for a Limited Edition of superb sunglasses. Both companies share an intense passion for nature and the outdoors, and the result is a collaboration on two frame styles – the Scout (above) and the Explorer. The sunglasses are designed for both men and women drawn to adventure and outdoor pursuits.

EXplorer by SALT. + AETHER
EXplorer by SALT. + AETHER

Lightweight, beta-titanium insures that the frames are nearly unbreakable and extremely flexible. Scout and Explorer also feature windshields and an extended frame-top, and the lenses are available in four colour options. SALT. + AETHER eyewear has been constructed specifically to solve the optical challenges that matter most when engaging in activities that may require speed, yet where comfort and optical clarity are a must for safety and style.

These sunglasses are also ideal for the outdoor life where wind and sun are factors. Whether your pleasure leans to motorcycles or motoring in a convertible; bike riding; boating; skiing; or other fun-filled outdoor activities, the new designs by SALT. + AETHER offer sophisticated sunglass styles, protection, and superb craftsmanship. JG

Style innovation: the Dragon’s Eye

Niloca Eyewear, Australia

8th July 2015 In need of totally new eyewear styling? Independent label Niloca from Australia have created this sister shape to the classic cat’s eye, with a dramatic, dragonlike upswept design. The frame is part of the Shear Scallop 2015 collection, produced in archived acetate from Mazzucchelli, and is one of several models in the range, inspired by surfing: “I surfed as a teenager growing up along the south Australia wine coast,” explains Colin Redmond aka ‘Mr Niloca’. “I was always amazed by the physics of how a wave was formed and how light shone through a wave when you’re in the ‘green room’. A wave is partly formed by the wind direction above and partly by the profile of the beach, plus a few other factors like current and temperature. The thing that got me was the curling of the wave, as it rose up out of a flat vast nothing. Similarly, eyewear is traditionally very flat as frames are cut from a flat slab of acetate. It’s a feature of my work to explore depth and the 3rd dimension in eyewear, but also the acetate.


Kana by Niloca Eyewear
Kana by Niloca Eyewear

“An extra element of depth makes a frame infinitely more dynamic. With the Shear Scallop, we had a special shell cutter made to give a nice concave curve profile, much like a wave at its peak. Cutting this way does a few things to the acetate: it gives a richer depth experience, as light reflects through the different thicknesses, bouncing off in different directions. It’s a relatively simple technique that gives endless ‘play’ on the shape, silhouette and profile of the frame.”

The spirited dragon’s eye Kana is part of Niloca’s Limited Edition Shear Scallop collection, designed for spectacle wearers looking for “a bit of drama in their life.” For more on Niloca, visit CN

Cazal Legends

Launches Campaign to Win Classic Frames

6th July 2015 Since Cazal Sunglasses was launched in the 1970’s, the frames have become a style and cultural phenomenon. Founded by Austrian designer Cari Zalloni, the iconic designs are sought after by eyewear enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Here is a great opportunity to win four Cazal Classics in a special promotion in conjunction with the German magazine – Eyewear.

Take a picture with someone wearing glasses via Instagram and tag it with #myframeshot – or just tag an already existing picture. Also tag the picture with your #city and worn #label. You can also tag more than one picture. Be certain that your Instagram account is not set on ‘private.’

Make sure your quality uploads are submitted no later than 15th July, when the campaign ends. You may have the chance to be a visual part of the campaign in the next issue of Eyewear Magazine. The #myframeshot winner will be the selection with the best quality, style, and creativity. Join in the fun and you could be framed by Cazal Classics! JG

Stylish Summer Accessories…

…Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

1st July 2015 Summertime…and the living is easy – and so are beautiful accessories. Holiday time is a wonderful opportunity to wear fun, spirited designs – relaxed, yet with a touch of fantasy. The Parisians have a special flair for accessories, and in the photo above, we feature three Parisian designers with exciting summer inspirations. Johanna Braitbart has the perfect solutions to enhance fashions with a must-have collection of hair ornaments and turbans. The model on the left wears a charming hair clip with feathers, beads and Swarovski crystals, which coordinates harmoniously with Oregon sunglasses, an elegant modern classic by Lafont Paris. On the right, sunny yellow brightens your style and your day in splendid Bocca Lova sunglasses by Face à Face Paris, and a sleek turban by Johanna Braitbart. All Johanna’s hats are handcrafted in her Paris atelier located in the Marais. Visit her delightful boutique where you can experience her beautiful hats and accessories to your hearts content.

Summer Sandal by Zoe Lee
Summer Sandal by Zoe Lee

Summer sandals by Zoe Lee makes everything you wear feel – and look – great. Her stunning, slick wedge shoe is ideal with floaty dresses and trousers. If in Paris, visit Zoe’s imporessive boutique in Le Marais where the entire shoe collection can be viewed. For more information click on

Turban by Johanna Braitbart; Poppy sunglasses by Face à Face  Paris
Turban by Johanna Braitbart; Poppy sunglasses by Face à Face Paris

Vintage rises in the summer air with this elegant, wrapped turban by Johanna Braitbart, complimented with smart retro sunglasses in lustrous black acetate by Face à Face Paris.

Chic Summer Clutch Benedetta Bruzziches
Chic Summer Clutch / Benedetta Bruzziches

Italian designer Benedetta Bruzziches creates lovely, memorable bags, and this stylish clutch is practical for holding necessities, and also a unique conversation piece. JG


Eyestylist talks to Meiji Hasui

Padma Image, Japan

23rd June 2015 Newcomer Padma Image is growing its notoriety in Japan, as well as having a few fans further afield, including Eyestylist. Stockists have just been set up in Hong Kong and Singapore. More are planned.

Designer Meiji Hasui recently held a collaborative event at Mole & Hosoi, “Shibakawa building”, Osaka, for buyers and the general public. He told Eyestylist: “I studied at an industrial university, but I have learnt about eyewear design on my own. I now have stores taking our collection in Tokyo including “matoi optical”, Shimokitazawa – and “Occhiali Sanzi” in Ikebukuro – they are the small cosy family-run places, with specialist niche designs; I am delighted!”

Padma Image - model Shichi-San
Padma Image – model Shichi-San

Model Shichi-San – a unique and elegant design by Hasui, is an ode to the asymmetrical hairdo – translating “7:3”, it’s designed to fit the “not-quite symmetrical human face”. “Hairstyles that are asymmetrical are quite common,” explained Hasui. “I believe the top of these glasses can work on the face in the same way.” For more original designs from Padma Image visit CN

Charismatic Colours

The Latest Influences

19th June 2015 Beautiful, and often unexpected colours enhance the latest eyewear designs from independent creators. Cosmo Duo 17 (above) from Daniel Benner in Germany combines polished gold with a colourful Limited Edition acetate called “Mysterious Madness.” For more colourful, handcrafted designs from Benner, click on

8353 in Ocean Blue by Jono Hennessey
8353 in Ocean Blue by Jono Hennessey

Blue in many delightful variations feature in frames this season. Jono Hennessy in Australia has just launched a gorgeous collection of cool ocean blue tones – from luminous water colours to bold turquoise blues, and rock pool shades to shimmering metallics. Among our favourites is style 8353 in stunning sea blue acetate, with a modern classic shape.

Super Duper Trio by WOOW
Super Duper Trio by WOOW

WOOW, from Face à Face Paris, launches their first sunglasses with a casual, offbeat collection for women and men. The frames are characterized by a uni-colour front, and”sleeved” two-tone temples, with the end tip bearing a little message, certain to make the wearer smile anytime. Super Duper (above) for women is playful and fun, in lively colours, and made in Italy.

Nara in striking turquoise by Vera Wang
Nara in striking turquoise by Vera Wang

Nara by Vera Wang features exquisite two-tone turquoise acetate. With its generous shape and curves, this frame is sure to enhance summer fashions and beach attire. Find more luxurious Vera Wang designs at JG



‘Bijoux’ vintage shapes updated

RVS by V Handmade Eyewear

16th June 2015 Elegant “bijoux” eyewear shapes, reminiscent of vintage 1930s and 40s make a welcome return this season. New York based designer, Vidal Erkohen says his unisex Palladium 004 is “quickly becoming a bestseller” and suggests this trend for smaller designs is building steadily.

RVS by V
Palladium 004 by RVS by V

Palladium 004 – a sister frame to the unique RVS Palladium 001, is a handmade titanium design with slightly flattened oval eye shape and curved bridge. The vintage look of the frame gets a super style makeover with brightly coloured lenses in gold, blue and purple mirror and neon end tips. For more information about RVS by V handmade eyewear visit CN

Sun Essentials

Stylish Sun Specs to Enhance your Holidays

12th June 2015 Summer holidays are on the horizon, and great looking sunglasses add style and protection. Choices abound – bold and chunky? Lean and linear? Vibrant colours, or sophisticated neutrals? LINDBERG (above) proposes über-sleek streamlined Titanium aviator sunglasses with a double bridge and smart green lenses. Crafted with authentic LINDBERG precision.

Butterfly in New Mint by ZOOBUG
Butterfly in New Mint by ZOOBUG

Whether it’s fun by the seaside, or play dates in the park, kids are ready in super sunnies by award-winning British brand Zoobug. Butterfly is handmade in quality, sturdy New Mint acetate with polarized lenses that ensure children’s eyes are fully protected from potentially harmful sunrays. Discover more lively colours at

Tom Stevens Sun 4350
Tom Stevens Sun 4350

Glamorous sunglasses in Titanium are among the elegant frame selections created and crafted by Stevens Eyewear in The Netherlands. Tom Stevens Sun 4350 is gracefully refined, and ultra-light.

Playful Polka Dots in Porquerolles by Lafont Paris
Playful Polka Dots in Porquerolles by Lafont Paris

Sunglasses with a chic cat-eye shape are a stylish accessory for summer clothes. Porquerolles by Lafont Paris combines unexpected colours and playful polka dots in smooth, luminous acetate. Find more wonderful, colourful sunglasses by Lafont Paris at

Summer Style Shades by Silhouette
Summer Style Shades by Silhouette

Sail the seas in Silhouette’s Summer Style Shades – clip-on sunshades that transform any Silhouette rimless glasses into smart sunglasses. The lightweight Style Shades effortlessly clip onto the nose bridge, and your ready for the sea and sun. Smooth sailing! JG

A handmade narrative

Vue dc, made in France

9th June 2015 A lot has been said about the influences of the past in eyewear. At a time when the trends of the earlier decades (1940s, 50s and 60s in particular) are more evident than ever, our eye is drawn to the artisan designs that represent those values as they first appeared, with the same level of original design, and artisan quality – interpreted for today.

Vue dc duo Chris Mascré and Yolande De Clercq revisit the concepts of vintage, with a fresh “chic” proposal for how to wear beautiful handmade gems.

Art Black STF Swarovski, pictured (above) on De Clercq, is one of the charming iconic designs highlighted in their collection – with over 40 Swarovksi stones set on either side of the front.

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, the model expresses the enduring appeal of handmade: “This is typical of our styles,” explains Mascré, “which have a certain unique elegance. Made in France using traditional techniques, these designs are handcrafted for a guarantee of genuine quality appreciated by those who love beautiful, well-made things.”

POP 432 by Vue dc, signed Christian Mascré
POP 432 by Vue dc, signed by ‘Christian Mascré’

This month, Mascré explains a new addition in the collection, previewed at the trade shows in NYC and Milan, earlier in the year: “Model Pop 432 is one of our new “retro” styles, playing with the thickness and volume and the choice of material with a very intense colouration. This design comes in six colours, including black, ivory, crystal, yellow marble and red. A one-off creation, the frame is signed on the inside, ‘Christian Mascré’.” For more on Vue dc eyewear, visit CN


Leisure time and the holidays are enhanced with superb optical and sunglass designs by independent artisans. In Reviews, authentic international creators are highlighted who produce genuine handmade eyewear in natural materials including horn, wood and leather. An enthusiastic optician ignites the Boutique scene in Dijon, France, and our Designer of the Month hails from Rome. Discover the cultural significance of shoes in CITY GUIDES with a fascinating exhibition in London. Click and stay with Eyestylist for continual eyewear and accessory style alerts.

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Eyewear Canine Companions

Meet Sven Götti and Lucky

5th June 2015 Eyestylist continues the series on Eyewear Canine Companions – dogs who bring inspiration and joy to designers and opticians.

“Lucky will be six years old at the end of August. When he is with me in the company, he brings all the frames he can possibly find to his place in my office. Lucky has a 50% part-time job. He likes driving in the car to the office (I guess). He definitely likes to be with all the people, and he likes to have a big walk with me at lunchtime. Lucky is a gourmet dog. His food (it can be the best dog food you can buy) does not interest him at all. He speculates that I buy a ham sandwich for myself, and be so kind to let him have part of the ham.

Lucky is a very sportive dog!
Lucky is a very sportive dog!

“I love to do the walks with Lucky at lunch. It helps me to get fresh air and get ready for the afternoon. Lucky hasn’t inspired me for a design, but he gives me a lot of inspiration on how to be happy and enjoy life. So far, Lucky has only travelled around Switzerland. When we travel abroad, we bring him to a group of dogs, where his parents and fifteen other dogs of his breed are living. We know that he will have a good time there. It is just nice to have Lucky in the company. It makes people more relaxed, and we can all have little breaks, play and cuddle him…” JG

Optical Options

Designs with Finesse and Panache

1st June 2015 The latest optical frames from independent designers possess uncluttered, modern symmetry in a variety of desirable materials, in colours that range from classic to contrasting. Linear, lightweight designs are the result of amazing technology and creativity. The Rim Range from LINDBERG in Denmark is a marvel of Titanium with a unique bridge. Included in the collection is Frank (above), a timeless shape with aristocratic elegance.

3D Frames by Tom Stevens handcrafted in The Netherlands
3D Frames by Tom Stevens handcrafted in The Netherlands

Tom Stevens 3D collection is handcrafted in their Netherlands atelier with precision laser techniques. Model DO1 in black polyamide is ultra-light – weighing only eight grams – delicate and super streamlined. Also available in other colours – discover more at

Stainless Steel Collection by Canadian Design House Spectacle Eyeworks

The Canadian design house Spectacle Eyeworks has launched versatile stainless steel frames that are made in Germany. The frames feature distinct cut outs along the outside, and strategically placed lines around the frames. The result is a subtle angular form and illusion of mystique in each style, in lovely colours. Above left is Bret, and right, Otto.

Napoli from The Bridge Concept by Coppe+Sid
Napoli from The Bridge Concept by Coppe+Sid

Bridges are a vital part of many world-famous cities, and they have inspired Coppe+Sid’s latest optical collection. Napoli is a new concept from the designers of Cosmoplitan Eyewear that features a full metal rim inserted into the eye shape. It is partially visible on the frame front, providing a contrast of materials, thickness and colours. JG