Vera Wang Capsule Collection

A luxuriously voluminous butterfly shape characterizes Laurice from the Vera Wang Capsule Collection. With fluid grace, the tortoiseshell acetate is unadorned, and also available in deliciously soft blush, and matte black. In both her clothing and eyewear creations, Vera Wang makes a stylish, memorable statement. JG

Bundi TG

Mondelliani for John Robshaw

Textile designer John Robshaw and Roman eyewear producers Mondelliani have got together to produce a series of striking patterned sunglasses, with superb results. The frames are decorated with Robshaw’s distinct exotic textile designs, inspired by the designer’s work and travels across India, Indonesia, and Africa. Mondelliani chooses simple shapes that allow the decorations to speak for themselves. Model Bundi TG is one of our favourites, a split front design with abstract animal print. All the styles are made in Italy with 100% UV protection and anti-reflection lens coating.  CN

Facellia 92

ROLF Spectacles

ROLF’S beautifully crafted evolved wood collection includes Facellia 92 – a soft, feminine and elegant shape. Different wood combinations are available: authentic smoked eucalyptus; bog oak-maple-bog oak; bog oak walnut; and steamed robinie – a wood native to America but now grown in Europe and South Africa. The graceful shape is accented with two-tone colouration. ROLF will be presenting their complete collections in wood and stone at SILMO in Paris starting on 25th September. JG

D08 – 3D Polyamid

Tom Stevens Eyewear

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a special process used to create the 3D polyamid collection by Tom Stevens. Created and produced entirely in The Netherlands by Tom Stevens Eyewear, D08 is lightweight, yet durable, and adjusts easily. The contemporary shape is ultra-flattering, and is available in colours made exclusively for Tom Stevens, including Cognac (above); vivid blue; red; dark brown; navy blue and black. JG


Kirk & Kirk

The eagerly awaited launch of Kirk & Kirk eyewear, designed by Jason and Karen Kirk, debuts at SILMO at the end of this month. The Vivarium Collection is elegant and luxurious in lustrous acrylic designs inspired by the Victorian obsession with science and nature. Each handcrafted frame, made in France, is named after a celebrated scientist of the era. A powerful shape in metallic golden bronze highlights Fleming, and the fine details include temple decorations designed by Karen Kirk in sterling silver and 9 carat gold. There is also a stunning sunglass collection – Solarium – with beautiful mirror lenses. Discover more at JG


ic! berlin / Collection: “Something I want… to tell you”

A classic panto in a beautiful gold metal: Awesome by ic! berlin is one of eight new metal frames for women (some are unisex), launching this month in Paris ( Compared to jewellery, the glasses are chic, classic, with timeless style. Four subtle colourways are inspired by the glamour of the 50s and 60s with a gentle futuristic touch. A new luxurious direction from the German company with a reputation for excellence in design and state-of-the-art technology. CN


Rolf Spectacles

Bog oak and maple formed into a timeless shape is an excellent example of the Tyrol handcrafting found in Rolf Spectacles. The Austrian company won yet another award when Marlin received the Gold IDEA Award for 2014. Innovation, sleek, lightweight wood silhouettes, and beautiful finishes characterize all Rolf designs. JG


Niloca Eyewear

Jofey is one of the quirky optical styles that caught our eye in the vibrant Scratched Core Collection from Niloca in Australia. Designed for “serious eyewear people”, the deep cut acetate of Jofey is for those who crave a bold eyewear statement; the effect of the asymmetric design on the face can be dramatic, confident and reassured and works for different ages and face shapes. A range of colour combinations includes the black on turquoise and black on emerald (pictured). Niloca frames are designed by husband and wife team Colin and Josie Redmond. Colin is a former industrial designer with an automotive and science background; Josie is an optician. Niloca frames are produced in traditional workshops in Australia, France and Japan, depending on the materials featured. We look forward to the latest releases by Niloca Eyewear, showing at Silmo this year. CN


Savile Row

Eighteen carat rolled gold and luminous acetate are among the highlights in the latest Savile Row Collection to be presented at the Paris fashion eyewear fair Silmo. The new designs have an intriguing history. Max is a tribute to the forefather of Savile Row – Max Wiseman.  Shapes are inspired by National Health Service frames for the 1940’s and 50’s. The designs are made exclusively at Algha Works factory in London, and compiled entirely from tooling that lay hidden in factory archives. Details that single out Max as a distinctive design include the nose bridge that extends to the temples, and the perfectly round shape. JG

Sands 1

Face à Face Paris

Beautiful autumn tones highlight this optical frame by the acclaimed French brand – Face à Face. The inspiration for the design is Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, whose work is well known for juxtaposing colour surfaces, and the concept is effectively transposed to eyewear in this lovely design. Art and graphics unite in the thin metal shape, which is accented with a smooth matt finish. JG


Lafont Paris

The colour of this frame is reminiscent of the fall wine harvest in France – delicious! LIN is one of the new frames being introduced at SILMO by Lafont for spring/summer 2013 called “Rendez-vous”, and includes both optical and sunglass designs. The luscious acetate in LIN, is crafted into a classic shape, and highlighted with delicate temple detail. The perfect accessory for Autumn fashions! For more details, see, or visit one of their stunning Paris boutiques to view the entire collection first hand. JG



The launch of Lindberg’s 9800 Strip Design represents a blend of details that includes acetate and titanium plate, and re-interprets 1950’s retro fashion. The upper surface of the frames features more pronounced curves of the eyebrow lines, as well as unique, screw-free detailing typical of Lindberg’s technical finesse. The sculpted frame shape is distinctive with its soft and subtly curvaceous impact. The Strip Design series is a sleek, streamlined collection from the award winning Danish company. JG

Model 8253

Jono Hennessy

The Jono Hennessy brand always serves up an uplifting choice of seasonal, on-trend colours. Model 8253 has a soft classic shape enlivened with positive colour choices that will bring a flash of brilliant brightness to the face. The tonal combinations include a transparent crystal with bold blue, classic tortoise with soft jade green and orange with a pearly neutral. If you are wearing run-of-the-mill and you try these on, you are going to experience something quite special! Find out more about this Australian spectacles label at CN

Azami Optiek In The Hague

Chic Boutique with Personality

1st September 2012 As I stepped out of the taxi at the entrance to a flower filled street in The Hague, I realised I was in one of those wonderful locations about which people dream to open a business. Azami Optiek is a spacious, elegant shop just steps from the golden gates of Queen Beatrix’s Palace. A protected pedestrian zone, flowers line the street, and the lovely atmosphere continues when you enter Azami’s shop, with its openness and fresh approach to eyewear. It was really a pleasure to enter this tranquil eyewear oasis, and receive a friendly welcome from Bijan Azami and his capable staff.

“When the shop was designed, it had to reflect me – my personality,” says Azami, “and I wanted this reflection of me, and the way I want to do business – it wasn’t about selling.  It is helping to choose – that is different. It’s like being a guide: for many people eyewear is a new field. When you connect with the person, you can feel what they want.” The boutique has a family history, about which Azami is proud and happy to relate. “Actually, before I opened the boutique, it was a Persian carpet shop for thirty years, that belonged to my father. He was going to step down, and thought it would be a good location for an optical shop. My father helped me with many of the non-optical things in the shop, so he continued to be active. It was a gift to work with him; we were companions, and had a good five years together, before he passed away.”

Azami brings the same precision to his selection of eyewear, as he did in creating the lovely interior to present the collections. “When I choose a brand, I look for quality, good design, continuity of the brand, and the service of the brand,” he says, “and these are the prerequisites, plus an identity. We have only independent designers here – Face à Face, Anne & Valentine, Dita, Reiz, Rolf, Cutler & Gross, Derome Brenner, Mykita and more. There are different reasons why opticians choose a brand, including innovation — it’s an ongoing process, including the creation our own designs as well, in buffalo horn and acetate.”

Elegance and refinement at Azami Optiek

Azami clients come from all walks of life, and word-of-mouth has proven highly successful. “The customer IS the brand,” declares Azami, “and the frames in our shop have no logos, no labels. Our customers come to use for their exam- we have the best machines – quality, the products, service, expertise, advice – and that is why they come to us. We are still doing well, even in this economy.”

Azami’s passion for eyewear goes beyond fashion and frames – he believes that there needs to be more information about eye health and care to underdeveloped nations. “Do you know that one billion people could be helped? I want to bring sight to people.” He is actively working on a programme to provide basic techniques in education and health, plus organising micro credit to countries were sight problems are particularly prevalent. “The inner cannot be without the outer, and design cannot be without meaning. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and glasses are more than an instrument to see better.” JG


Muffin Top

Henry Holland for Le Specs

Muffin Top comes from a fun, new limited edition collection of sunglasses (18 styles) by English designer Henry Holland for Australian brand Le Specs. Lots of round shapes and references to “brow shapes and eyelashes” feature (such as the Hoodies which the fashion press have selected as a favourite) as well as a 1980s/90s vintage theme. I like the sense of adventure in as much as there are some new shapes and looks that are totally unique to this Collection. Muffin Top is a unisex model like many of the styles in the line, and our favourite colour choices are the black (pictured) and transparent. It’s typical of the designer in its quirkiness and fun fashion styling, and yet it seems that it is surprisingly wearable…we’d love to see who is wearing it, all fans of this collection are welcome to send us their pictures…to buy now (RRP Euro 90 or £80 pounds sterling), go to or CN




Model Vesoul by US brand Dita comes in this incredible colour called “blue swirl crystal” with dark grey gradient lenses. It’s got the hue of the Mediterranean and fits beautifully with our blue theme of the Summer which seems to continue into the Autumn collections. Handcrafted in Japan, the model is typical of Dita’s sunglass styles, which combine an equal helping of style and quality construction. This is a trendy shape this season and one I recommend strongly to those of you wanting a fashion look for 2011/12, in optical or sunwear. Available direct from and also at the Eye Company in Wardour Street, London ( retailing at £290. CN


Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm, The Mirrored Collection

This collaboration is into its third year, and the metal styles in the A/W 2011 Collection maks a brow-raising statement as is typical of this German-born fashion designer, whose gold aviator sunglasses shot to fame in 2009 when worn by Sarah Jessica Parker for Sex in the City. Since then the collection has a total of four models, Franz, Sepp (copper/mint above left) and Andreas (red/red flash above centre), and a new one, Xaver, top right in gold/gold flash. This is a 1980s design, with sharper contours that its predecessors. The frame’s dimensions mark another new aspect – measuring 14 mm these are the widest temples featured in the metal collection. As well as the colour combinations above, you will also find silver, matt black and pink, a top 2011/12 colour for fashionistas. CN


Karen Walker Eyewear

New Zealand’s Karen Walker is known for original, effortless, unpretentious styling. Her eyewear is perhaps best know in the US and Australia, but we know some savvy European stockists which include the optical stores Les Plus Belles Lunettes, Paris and Blink Optics in Ionnina, Greece. Bunny like several designs in this colourful collection is a statement style with intriguing over-the-top shape.



I am pleased to introduce the Australian brand Isson on for the first time. Launching in Paris this month, their latest collection is inspired by Bauhaus, a movement which encouraged a radical experimentation in architecture and the applied arts. Model Martha is a memorable shape, and typical of the line, which uses vintage Italian and Japanese acetates, in pearlescent light reflecting finishes including tortoiseshell (pictured), fleckle and rocks, and layered acetates which house silk threads and metal shavings. Each model is named after key Bauhaus founders/designers such as Walter, Hermann, Martha and Gertrud. Model Martha is a unisex style, with an unusual shape, distinctive metal insert at the front, and thick temple. Isson’s designer Catherine Federici says, “Each piece requires its own set of rules. Who would wear it? Where would they wear it? How would it make them feel? By trying to tap into the psychology of the wearer, subtle design features such as shaping are being used to characterise each frame through its features. Be it a wide temple, temple tip design, or an angled front.” CN