OG Icons by Oliver Goldsmith

This is an iconic brand that I was writing about in the 1980’s, and then it disappeared from the eyewear scene. However, in 2006, Oliver Goldsmith’s great granddaughter, Claire Goldsmith, re-launched the brand. With her finely honed entrepreneurial skills and marketing know-how, Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are now back in the limelight, and sold internationally, much to the delight of former fans and a host of new ones.

The sunglasses that so captivated wearers like Michael Caine, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn, are as much in demand today, as they were over fifty years ago.

Ms. Hepburn wore “Audrey” in Charade, the 1963 film in which she starred with Cary Grant. These elegant frames in fine quality acetate, hand made in Italy, are now in demand globally by style aware women.

The fit of these frames is superb – they are designed to offer incredible comfort, and the high quality lenses offer protection from the sun’s invasive rays.

The frames can be found in the recently opened Oliver Goldsmith Boutique in London, just a few steps from lively Portobello Road. I have also seen OG Icons in the Marais in Paris at Les Lunettes d’Also www.leslunettesdalso.com, and at Oogappel Optiek www.oogappel.com in Amsterdam. For more stockists check out the website www.olivergoldsmith.com



Acetate and I have a long love affair. I started wearing glasses at fourteen years old; the first pair was in basic black acetate, but the frames were comfortable and from the start, I liked the feel of acetate. And so the relationship began. Over the years, acetate has evolved far beyond basic into a very luxurious, romantic material for spectacle frames. My latest acetate love is Reina from Face à Face. The sculptured oval retro shape features a solid colour frame front with contrasting colour on the sidepieces and interior of the design. A ruby red frame front features black, sculptured sidepieces and interior. Or there is a black frame contrasted with smooth Cappuccino sidepieces on the interior. The pièce de resistance is a discreet decorative art acetate blossom on the side of the temple. A little touch that adds distinction to this elegant frame. Face à Face is a Paris based company that has been creating exciting eyewear for fifteen years. They have won several Silmo D’or awards, the equivalent of a Palme D’Or or an Oscar, for their designs. Face à Face frames can be found in London at the Observatory boutique, in Paris at Bastille Optic and in Milan at L’O on Via Giuseppe Verdi 2. Further information on stockists worldwide at www.faceaface-paris.com

MODEL 13435


Tom Davies has been creating eyewear designs since he was 21 years old. Now at 36, he can claim an international following of professional luminaries and international celebrities who wear his designs.

Angelina Jolie wears this Jackie Kennedy Onassis inspired frame in her latest film, The Tourist – see the link on the Telegraph website about this at http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/columns/hilary-alexander/TMG8193628/Angelina-Jolie-wears-TD-Tom-Davies-sunglasses.html

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The glamorous oval shape in polished acetate (one of his own acetate creations) is part of a Limited Edition series by the designer. Davies not only creates elegant frames in acetate, he also works in eco-friendly buffalo horn and titanium, and these hand-made masterpieces are produced in his own workshop, to ensure quality and precision. I’ve not tried on these particular frames, however, other designs I have had on fit gracefully on the face and they are exceedingly comfortable to wear. For stockists, contact [email protected] or go to www.tdtomdavies.com for more information on this enterprising designer.

MODEL S312-105


The play of light on these sunglasses is beautiful, and in the sunshine, they radiate a soft glow. Thin “stripes” of gold, black, grey and crystal delicately enhance the modified oval shape. Another colour version is red, gold and tortoise. This Beausoleil creation is a fine example of the subtle, understated frames that Fréderic Beausoleil has been designing since the mid 1980’s. They are a favourite of professionals, artists and actors who demand quality and performance in eyewear. Star quality, in a refined, elegant manner is the basis of Beausoleil’s inspiration.


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This month’s sunglass reviews are by Joan Grady and the optical reviews are by Clodagh Norton.

Celine Vuarnet

Sports choice

Vuarnet revival

An interesting new partnership, Vuarnet is now part-owned by Alain Mikli. The brand has been revamped and promises sports edge and serious design, with new technical activity-specific lenses including Citylynx, a lens offering visual comfort for town and city, and Skilynx, for winter sports and particularly skiing. Vuarnet by Mikli is available from 2011, and whilst a number of the styles are perfect for the slopes, the range also offers some very wearable designs for winter sun in the city.

And of course, Vuarnet Vintage styles are going to be in fashion for their wonderful classic shapes and French “flavour”. It’s a brand that has a strong heritage and has earned, without doubt, a prestigious place in sunglass design history.