Artistic influences

THEO, inspired by Strook

12th May 2015 It’s all about spontaneity. A drawing takes shape without me thinking about it very much. I want to be able to draw without limits.” Strook

In the world of theo eyewear nothing is impossible! The Antwerp label has announced a new collection inspired by Bruges-based artist Stefaan De Crook aka Strook – with a striking presentation of metal engraving across the frame.

Strook and theo met each other about four years ago through the platform for young designers De Invasie. Soon afterwards, Strook had a show at the theo Gallery in Antwerp and created a display window for theo-Somers Optiek (above).

Fashion by THEO
Fashion by THEO

The ensuing collection proposes four powerful designs inspired by one of the artist’s characteristic line drawings, linked to Antwerp: models named Zoo, Diamond, Hand and Fashion, each with a little piece of the symbol of the city in the upper left-hand corner. theo designer Bracké explains: “In order to come up with the forms for the glasses, I took inspiration from Strook’s interplay of lines. The models had been roughly sketched first, but the final result was completely different!”

Available in eight colours, and a choice of matt or glossy finish, the insides of the frames have a striking, sometimes contrasting colour scheme. All four stainless steel models can be fitted with optical or sun lenses, with a spectacular look, either way. For further information visit View the video featuring the artist at / CN