Larry Gotti Switzerland

Larry at Götti Switzerland

I am one of the first lucky customers to try this frame, thanks to Sven Götti who has me wearing it just weeks after I’ve viewed the new Spin & Stow collection at the optical exhibition in Paris. This is a 100% titanium frame with temples in epoxy, a material that is soft to the touch and anti-allergenic. Götti has developed a matt finish for the epoxy which adds to the sophistication of the design. I’ve chosen a lilac front, always a good one for me given my pale complexion, teamed with neutral arms.

Apart from its streamlined elegance, the innovation that makes this frame special is the Spin and Stow mechanism which allows you to twist the temples around so that the frame can be super thin when you want to put it away in its case. It is a perfectly executed detail which you can really only appreciate if you take one in your hands and give it a go. Götti is a Swiss brand that is hard to come by in the UK but if you are in London I know that the 20/20 Optical Store ( on Tottenham Court Road is a stockist. CN