Brilmuseum – The Museum of Spectacles

Optical History and Adventures in Amsterdam

6th September 2011 Brilmuseum in Amsterdam is a paradise for eyewear lovers. This quirky, enchanting little museum is a celebration of 700 years of eyewear that includes historical frames, optical instruments, posters, photos, and much more. Mijke Teunissen, the fourth generation of a Netherlands optical family says: “The goal is to illustrate the history, art, culture and development of spectacles.” The adventure begins with eyewear from the 15th century through to the amazing designs from Pierre Marly in the 1960’s, to the acclaimed designers of today – Lafont, l.a.eyeworks, J.F. Rey, Oakley, Christian Roth, Judith Leiber, and many more star-studded names. Repeat visits to this oasis of eyewear fascination is always a pleasure.

If Amsterdam isn’t on your immediate travel itinerary, the next best way to “visit” is to get a copy of Spectacles & Sunglasses published by Pepin Press/Amsterdam JG

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