Wink Optometrists, Melbourne, Australia

7th September Wink Optometrists is an independent eyewear boutique in Melbourne, Australia who introduced me to Karen Walker. “As an optical shop, we are unique,” explains owner Jo Twaddell. “We match customers with frames that enhance their own personality and fit their specific needs. So, rather than just filling shelves with ordinary, mass-produced stock, most of our frames are handmade and some can even be ordered to the customer’s requirements.”

“One of our favourite brands is Karen Walker eyewear. Karen Walker is a prominent womenswear designer from New Zealand, and her foray into eyewear design has been particularly successful because she delivers a product which is quirky and unexpected, rather than a carbon-copy of a pre-existing style. Walker takes risks with everything in her range, from her colourways to her advertising. She designs sunglasses that make a statement of confidence and individuality. As such, the brand is perfect for our store!”

“Another unusual brand that we stock is RVS By V. Inspired by his father’s optical collection as a child, designer Vidal has created a collection of vintage shapes with a fresh eye. The collection is available in a range of bold, matte colours, recreating iconic styles for the modern glasses-wearer. The range is handmade in Turkey and WINK Optometrists is the exclusive Melbourne stockist of the brand.”

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