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24th August 2012 I find it very exciting that some brands are now producing new sunglasses collections for Autumn/Winter, not just Spring/Summer. London-based Zanzan was introduced in 2009 by Gareth Townshend and Megan Trimble and presents itself as a fashion label for fashion lovers. Its latest launch for Autumn/Winter features rich vintage acetate, jewel tones such as soft yellow and ruby red, and classics like crystal and tortoise. Produced in limited editions, the designs are bold and theatrical, with details such as trendy gloss or matt finishes and statement patterning. asked Megan Trimble about the label’s direction and its plans for 2013, which include the launch of a first spectacles collection. (Above: Erzulie by Zanzan).

Why are you producing your frames in the UK? Please explain the benefits? We can make a really first rate product here and ‘Handmade in England’ is important to us. The benefit, for us, is the proximity but for our customers it means that we can produce something that’s uncompromised creatively and a little more exclusive.

Avida Dollars by Zanzan

Are you sticking with a small elite fashion clientele? 
No, we are growing. Scale is important for fashion companies and the aim of every business should be ‘juggernaut’. If you don’t sell, then you lose the right to be creative – and the capacity – so it’s important. We’re producing collections in Italy and France for S/S 2013 and a supporting cast of products – fancy sunglass straps, sunglass cases and more.
Your campaign styling is extremely cool and sexy. Do you do your own shoots? Who is involved?
I am responsible for overall creative direction of everything we do but we work with a photographer called Jon Gorrigan and the stylist, Simone Konu. Both are brilliant. We are also very reliant on the very talented  hairdresser, Carl Reeves. We flew him in!

Sunetra by Zanzan

Are you expanding into new stores?
It’s important for us to be in stores that see things the same way we do. Our distribution has, and will be, tightly controlled but that doesn’t exclude opticians. We’re really a fashion brand that makes glasses but we do have an optical collection planned for next year.

Where can you find the new collection of Zanzan sunglasses?
This collection is available at It’s an experiment really. You can also buy the sunglasses in Departmentstore Quartier 206, Berlin. We just fell in love with the store on a recent trip, happened to have our collection one us and they loved it!
What does Zanzan represent for you?
Fantasy. Joy. Fun. Zanzan is the pursuit of a dream and a passion to create really beautiful things. ‘If you want reality get on a bus’!

Zanzan sunglasses are priced from £260.00 and are available online at Further information at CN

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