Bloody Lys by J.F. Rey

Statement photo-engraving

28th September 2012 Nominated for next week’s sunglasses award in Paris, the ‘Bloody Lys’ is a creation by the French label, J.F. Rey. The frame and lenses of this lace-inspired statement piece in metal are decorated with a traditional ‘fleur de lys’ motif. The technique has been used in two previous collections by the brand, but this is the first time the effect has been extended to appear on the lenses as well as the frame. A spokesperson for the team told “Innovation and technical challenges are the key to J.F. Rey’s success and the driving force for our company. With our unusual creative approach and dedication to our French origins, we enjoy creating surprises for our customers; the Bloody Lys which we are launching at Silmo is an exceptional example of our achievements!” We look forward to more exciting innovations for the new season. CN