Edgar Degas: Renowned French Painter

Major Exhibition at Foundation Beyeler Basel

1st November 2012 From a very young age, I had the good fortune to be introduced to painting by Edgar Degas. My aunt was enchanted with Impressionist paintings, and Degas was her idol – as he is among many art connoisseurs. His influence in the art world continues to this day, and now for the first time ever, there is an exhibition in Switzerland devoted to the latter part of the French painter’s life. Above: Trois Danseuses jupes violettes, pastel on joined paper c. 1895-1898 Photo: Maurice Aeschimann, Onex/Geneva


Jockey Blessé Oil on Canvas Edgar Degas c.1896-98

Foundation Beyeler in Basel, has assembled 150 works by Degas – rich and various artistic expressions – that include paintings, pastels, drawings, sculptures and photography. It is a rare opportunity to see important works by a 19th century master, as many pieces are from private collections, and rarely on view. Edgar Degas continues until 27th January 2013. www.foundationbeyeler.ch  JG

Photo of Jockey Blessé Kunstmuseum Basel/Martin P. Bühler