Somers Optiek

Trendy theo boutique in Antwerp

1st November 2012 Located close to Antwerp’s celebrated cathedral, is an eyewear emporium worth celebrating – Somers Optiek – the theo boutique. Approaching the shop from one of Antwerp’s charming alleys, a delightful splash of colour greets the visitor. And the windows are definitely eye-catchers! Among the unique features of the boutique is that there are few frames on display. “We don’t show many glasses,” says Communications Director Miet Vaes, “as we like the opticians to help the customer to find their perfect glasses.” Sunglasses are displayed on the right of the shop, while there is a separate section, for optical frames. Seventh-five percent of the frames are theo creations, while the balance are guest collections, which rotate on a regular basis.


Gracious interior at Somers Optiek in Antwerp

The two-level shop is a splendid use of space and imagination. On the lower level is an art and photography gallery, plus an area for eye tests. The vibrant colours, beautiful woods, the pleasant lighting and the openness, along  with a very friendly staff, provide customers with an upbeat experience…and then, there are the wonderful Theo frames! “We have many professionals who visit the shop,” says Miet, “and they want something they cannot find elsewhere. We like to create that little bit more – the personalised approach that suits their clothes, profession and lifestyle. The time we spend with customers allows us to know them a little bit more, so they feel comfortable and relaxed.”

OGI Eyewear
MOREL par Jean Nouvel

If your travel plans include Antwerp, make certain that the innovative Somers Optiek is a destination! JG