Rigards – Handmade for Your Face

Looking for a unique pair of sunglasses? Made of horn, this super oversized style is the creation of an independent label called Rigards who specialise in handmade horn designs using traditional production techniques. This is a first taste of this label on Eyestylist.com. I can’t really do their collection justice in a few lines but what I can say for this review is there is a lot of attention to hand finishing and detail here that deserves to be noticed, and the passion for quality, style and comfort is very strong. Made in an atelier in Hong Kong, these are one-off designs for connoisseurs of beautiful eyewear and each piece has a huge amount of character and individuality…the horn is carefully selected and is an organic by-product from water buffalos reared on small African farms so there is an eco-friendly element too. Each of the sunglass styles is individually numbered and produced in a limited series of 200 or 500 pieces.

Rigards Eyewear is coming soon to the UK www.layerslondon.com (be quick this Spring!) and available in France at  L’Eclaireur (Paris) www.leclaireur.com and Royal Navy (Marseille). We have more details on Rigards designs coming soon. See the label’s website for insights and further information on stockists:  http://rigards.com CN