Tortoise Treasures

Variations on a Classic Theme

12th November 2012 Designs in tortoise are a highlight of this season’s eyewear collections – we’ve seen a variety of styles with individual characteristics. Clodagh Norton featured a bold tortoise design on on 9th November, and the two designs shown here verify the wonderful tortoise interpretations that are possible. Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, and luxury eyewear designer Shane Baum have collaborated on a stunning collection, including Chelsea (above), a virtuoso creation that teams tortoise acetate with gold. The gently sculpted shape is all handcrafted, and the designers are scrupulous with details that are precise and intricate.

Happy Days in Tortoise by Vanni

Happy Days is the sprightly new collection from Vanni in Italy. The design above (v1900) features multilayer acetate with a mix of transparent and Havana, to create a tortoise variation with blond highlights. The diversity of tortoise really does make these frame designs eyewear treasures! JG