Trend watch: bold at the brow

9th November 2012 Unique shapes accentuating the brow line are a recurring theme and will be increasingly sought after in the months ahead. One that caught my eye recently was ‘Rock-a-Nore’ from the British label RockOptika, named after the beach front in Old Hastings, home to the designer Tom Herrington. It’s a man’s acetate style – available in tortoise and a very suave ‘Mazzucchelli’ pure black – that is quite big in size and statement, with a modified pentagon shape combined with a retro key hole nose bridge.¬†Image above, Rock-a-Nore by RockOptika (from ¬£249.00), photographed by Tom Herrington.

Sky Bar by Jeremy Tarian

Jeremy Tarian’s snazzy Sky Bar also illustrates this direction perfectly – it is a sunglass design with a symmetrical zig zag formation in dazzling gold metal. This is a fabulously unique take on the brow accentuation – mostly we are seeing examples of straight horizontal lines over the top of the front of the frame so this one is rather special. Tarian’s frames are made in the Jura in France, and the designer pays careful attention to the quality of the materials and comfort of each unique design. CN