Portrait of Zoe Salaun

by Tim Groen

6th November 2012 This portrait of Selima Salaun’s daughter, Zoe, caught our attention when we had the great pleasure of meeting designer-optician Selima for the first time in Paris. I am delighted to have had permission to be able to publish it. Photographed by Tim Groen (www.timgroen.com), the image is one of a series of Zoe and her classmates, alongside two professional models, in a new photographic presentation by Selima Optique described by the designer as a labour of love, created with friends. Born and raised in New York, Zoe, the youngest of Selima’s two children, is a freshman at McGill in Montreal.

Dedicated to the stars of French popular culture of the 1950s and 1960s, the frames featured in the new lookbook, such as the expressive Maricruz in red (worn by Zoe above), highlight the colourful palette and retro context of Selima’s hand-crafted designs. Hair looking gorgeous by Yves Durif, www.yvesdurif.comwww.selimaoptique.com CN