Summer stories – L.G.R. Sunglasses

Behind The Scenes…..

11th June 2013 Photo shoots are good fun, and hard work too! Photographers and models do get to take a welcome break on occasion. What do the models get up to when the photographer leaves his camera unattended? Well…..on a fashion shoot in Marseille, France for L.G.R. Sunglasses, the models made their own attempt at being the photographer, and were playing around with his camera.


LGR's Keren CM in Havana, Green and Gold
L.G.R.’s Keren CM in Havana, Green and Gold

The result is this lovely image of a model wearing L.G.R.’s new Keren CM (top photo). The sleek matt black frame features metal temples, and polarized petroleum mirrored lenses. The design is also available in Havana, with green and gold (above) and black with gold. Definitely a summer style statement! JG