The Winners!

Hall of Frames/Eyestylist Newcomer Awards Announced in Stuttgart

22nd October 2013 The winners of the 2013 Hall of Frames/Eyestylist Newcomer Awards were announced in Stuttgart on Sunday. Designers from three different countries were recipients – Suzy Glam from The Netherlands took the top prize with Gold; Hapter from Italy won Silver; and Bronze was awarded to Coblens from Germany. Opticians from leading fashion forward shops chose the final winners. There was great anticipation in the lead up to the event, and the winners were delighted and surprised! In the above photo, left-to-right – Marcus Knoop, sales representative for Coblens accepted the award on behalf of designer Fabian Hofmann; designer Eric Balzan from Hapter; and Etienne Frederiks who collaborates with Susanne Klemm at Suzy Glam. Our warmest congratulations to all the winners from Eyestylist and Hall of Frames! JG


The Gold Award: Suzy Glam Face-the-Face
The Gold Award: Suzy Glam Faces-the-Face


Silver Award; Hapter A01S
Silver Award; Hapter A01S 

Model Steuerunshebel von Coblens.
Bronze Award: Steuerunshebel by Coblens