Adrian Marwitz

German Heritage with New Vision

29th April 2014 Adrian Marwitz continues a family history that has been synonymous with German eyewear since 1918. The brand was created by Marwitz’s grandfather, and Adrian is delighted and excited to guide the brand into the new millennium, with his passionate belief that eyewear is the ultimate fashion accessory. Marwitz frames are streamlined and sleek, uncluttered and pure, and feature first-class manufacturing processes – everything is handcrafted in Germany.

Urban Strange No. 3 in dark blue by Adrian Marwitz
Urban Stranger No. 3 in dark blue by Adrian Marwitz

Urban Strangers is the latest collection – titanium frames in contemporary shapes with modern, high-tech features. Beautiful colourations are contrasted with ultra-thin stripes on the hinges and inner frame of the designs. Understated elegance with graceful distinction.Top photo: Urban Stranger No. 6 in Bronze JG