Blue Beauties

Vibrant Colour in Statement Eyewear

7th April 2014 Brilliant shades of blue are a highlight in many collections this season – stunning, rich tones in exciting variations. The intensity of the colour is a nod to the famous deep blue hue created in 1961 by French artist Yves Klein, with input from a chemist – a colour that Klein often used in his paintings. International designers offer delightful interpretations – here are Four Beautiful Blues!

Theo in Belgium (above) sculpts an asymmetrical shape with their eye-witness UC titanium frame in blue teamed with black. The laser-cut titanium pieces are welded together though a different laser process – and the result  is precision craftsmanship!

Glamorous Blue by Mondellaini
Glamorous Blue by Mondelliani

Italian brand Mondelliani’s lustrous two-tone acetate – Salina – features superb volume styling, and hints of retro with the exaggerated brow shaping. Very glamorous!

8321 JH
Translucent Blue by Jono Hennessy


Down Under in Australia, Jono Hennessy admits “we love blue” and created an optical frame in bright blue acetate, with a lovely slim line cat eye shape. With its glossy translucence, style 8321, has soft shine and luminosity.

Bold Blue by Face à Face Paris

Bright, bold and beautiful! Light and airy aluminium – Aliumair 2 – by Face à Face Paris – features a dash of sunny yellow on the inner temples. JG