Scoogle, Melbourne

Niloca Eyewear’s flagship store

1st October 2014 After the launch of a first titanium collection for 2014, Australian brand Niloca opened their own flagship store, Scoogle. Located in Southbank Melbourne, the shop is offering the complete Niloca range of eyewear (a hot topic at this year’s Silmo Paris), alongside other handpicked speciality labels including Theo and Hoet. “Set in a post Botanica new world Gothica, the store is serviced, focused on and inviting for all serious eyewear fashionistas,” explained one of the team to Eyestylist.

Scoogle’s Steiff “mascot”
Scoogle, interior
Scoogle’s new interior

Niloca at Silmo Paris, 2014
Niloca at Silmo Paris, 2014 (Image by

The store’s design theme and location were serendipitously entwined even before the location had been found. Housed in the new Guilfoyle building the botanic theme integrates seamlessly with its namesake, Sir William Robert Guilfoyle, a recognised international botanist. A trademark feature of Sir William’s work was the Conservatory, similarly an internal feature of the Niloca store. From the oxodised iron drawers to the reclaimed Australian hardwood desk and deep coir carpet, the design of the interior is perfectly in tune with the unique merchandise within. Open 7 days a week by appointment.


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