Flower power

Eco-friendly ‘Art Flowers’ Collection

5th November 2014 A fresh take on floral prints has rather won us over in the latest collection launch by Etnia Barcelona: Art Flowers. With the collaboration of Mazzucchelli, leading producer of acetate in Italy, the Spanish design firm has come up with a lively collection of expressive frames for men and women, celebrating flower-inspired colour and pattern in beautiful, delicate, and appealing ways. Inspired by the impressionists, the frames are “trimmed” with the floral-inspired bloc acetate material. The shapes are minimal to allow the decorative elements a central focus.

Art Flowers, model Lille / Etnia Barcelona
Art Flowers, model Lille / Etnia Barcelona
Art Flowers / Etnia Barcelona
Art Flowers, model Atlanta / Etnia Barcelona



The 100% eco-friendly material used is manufactured with natural organic compounds such as cotton and cellulose paste, and is totally recyclable and biodegradable. Another bonus! Find out more: www.etniabarcelona.com CN