Elegant Minimal Metals by L.G.R

11th November 2014 Luca Gnecchi Ruscone at L.G.R. in Italy has launched a pioneering, striking new collection, crafted with durable metal alloy. The designs are super slim and light with exquisite shapes, and mineral glass lenses signed by L.G. R. Streamlined Mauritius (above) features a curved nosepiece, and Elliot (not shown) is a splendid round shape with tortoiseshell-rimmed lenses.


OGI Eyewear
Dahlak by L.G.R
Dahlak by L.G.R

An adventurous spirit is expressed in Dahlak (above) with a double nose bridge and traditional artisan italian craftsmanship. Minimal eyewear silhouettes in the finest materials and expertly crafted, add to the quality and originality of frame design. These new creations from L.G.R are particularly beautiful. JG