All Eyes on Munich

Eyewear Excellence in Germany

16th December 2014  The forthcoming OPTI Munich eyewear event in January already promises to be an exciting show to launch the 2015 calendar. Eyestylist has been given a peek at some of the beautiful new designs that will be presented in Munich.

Berlin based ic! berlin debuts the New Year with an ingenious concept – Plotic frames. Designer Ralph Anderl commented; “We’ve mastered acetate. We’ve mastered steel. Now the next frontier. ic! berlin presents plotic – 3D printed eyewear by Selective Laser Sintering. Plotic makes the impossible possible, and paves the way for designs and shapes that until now have been impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques. After several years of research and development, ic!berlin is excited to launch Plotic and Plotic-hybrid eyewear for OPTI 2015 in nine rich new colours.”  Above: Im Dol from the Plotic collection.


Piana by Lafont Paris
Piana in camouflage acetate by Lafont Paris

Matthieu Lafont at Lafont Paris, who will present their eyewear collections for men, women and children, observed: “OPTI is an important show in Germany and it’s historically one of the biggest markets in Europe in terms of business.” Lafont is spot-on trend with Piana and the importance of camouflage for eyewear.


Stranger No 17 in  Raw Titanium by Adrian Marwitz
Stranger No 17 in Raw Titanium by Adrian Marwitz

Adrian Marwitz, who will launch his new Titanium collection noted: “The Munich show has great organisation, and of course, the city is amazing, and it is important for the international market.”


Babar iin Genuine Horn by Sven Götti
Babar iin Genuine Horn by Sven Götti

Acetate, Titanium and a new genuine horn collection are on the agenda for Götti Switzerland’s presentation. “We have been showing our product in Munich every year since the first OPTI in 2000. For 2015, Götti will present acetate and Titanium news, plus a genuine horn collection, including a presentation that shows how these masterpieces are produced.”


The Bijou in Walnut by Rolf Spectacles
The Bijou in Walnut by Rolf Spectacles

Rolf Spectacles highlights their new “evolved collection” that includes frames designed from four different wood combinations. The Austrian based company is celebrating their fifth anniversary of creating ultra-light, delicate wood frames with sophistication, the finest quality and elaborate finishing.

Giulio 11 by Oliviero Zanon  at Res/Rei
Giulio 11 by Oliviero Zanon at Res/Rei

Italian designer Oliviero Zanon will arrive in Munich with a stunning range that includes chic sunglasses with two-tone black and tortoiseshell glossy acetate, and a distinctive flat double bridge. Like all Res/Rei eyewear, Guilio 11 is handmade in Italy by local artisans.

All roads lead to Munich 9-11 January 2015! JG