..with striking accessories

1st December 2014 Luxurious accessories in classical black and gold will compliment evening and party wear this season. Our selection of artisan labels include jewellery finds from Italy, Belgium and Hong Kong, unique hand-finished eyewear and a super example of a glasses necklace by a sought-after label from New York.

1. 24k gold-plated palladium style Mille 23 from theo eyewear, www.theo.be; 2. black/navy star ring by Sardo, Atelier di Gioielli, www.sardogioielli.it; 3. Wouters & Hendrix cuff with gold buckle, www.wouters-hendrix.com; 4. Eventail clutch from Babe by Dennis Pong / Hong Kong, www.babe.com.hk ; 5. British made ‘Bond’ in gloss black, by Savile Row, at Algha Works London, www.algha.com; 6. Gold/black cuff by Wouters & Hendrix, www.wouters-hendrix.com; 7. Cosmo Duo 15 by Benner Eyewear, handmade in Germany www.bennereyeweardesign.com; 8. Black beaded gold glasses chain by New York’s La Loop www.laloop.com CN