Impressive Show & Fun Ambience in Stuttgart

Die Brillenmesse and Innovative Frames

From Heidelberg to Zurich, and many other towns, opticians and visitors arrived in Stuttgart for Die Brillenmesse 2015. The vibrant Motorworld location for the 4th edition of Die Brillenmesse was a success, according to Dirk Geissmann, one of the event organisers.

Opticians at Stuttgart
Optik Dieterich from Heidelberg – Sarah Lenz, Julia Wagnes, her husband Bend, and Samy enjoy a pause café at Die Brillenmesse in Stuttgart

“There was a ten percent increase in visitors; and a happy relaxed ambience confirmed that the format of the show works,” said Steffen Keil, the show partner with Geissmann, “because when we started, there was much more distance between the brand representatives and the visitors. This year, there were no barriers – visitors stayed for a long time, and engaged with the exhibitors. There is a real interest in designer brands, an openness, almost a hunger, for new ideas.”

Julien Jarraud and Andreas Malathounis from Kirk & Kirk at Die Brillenmesse
Julien Jarraud and Andreas Malathounis from Kirk & Kirk at Die Brillenmesse

Motorworld is a place dedicated entirely to automobiles,” noted Nathanaël Wenger, the third member of the Die Brillenmesse team, “and it is an interesting mix between a museum, exhibition, and work space for car lovers. The combination of fine designer glasses and vintage autos works perfectly. New brands in Stuttgart this year included 999.9; Tom Rebl; Dick Moby; Robert Rüdger; JF Rey and Liebeskind.” Save the dates now for 2016! Die Brillenmesse at Motorworld 15th and 16th October. JG


Top photo: Dirk Geissmann co-coordinator Die Brillenmesse with eyewear designers Adrian Marwitz and Didier Voirol. 1974 red convertible Jaguar courtesy of Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors at Motorworld All photos for Eyestylist by Rouven Koehnen  All Rights Reserved