Diskov by Grey Ant

A clouded clear frame with white gold hinges and sky blue flash lens, the combination has a true subtlety, creating a classic refinement on first glance with a twist of modern ingenuity. The innovative hinge fitting on the frame front of model Diskov, one of designer Grant Krajecki’s creative inventions, acts as a decoration, but as you move closer you realise the clever way in which the detail has literally been turned inside out. Diskov also comes in a pretty clouded gold or traditional black and the unique hinge design from Grey Ant features on several other models including the square model Blitz and oval style Kemp. All are “new found classics”. For more information on the New York label or to shop the collection, visit www.greyant.com For more on Grant Krajecki visit https://www.eyestylist.com/2014/07/grant-krajecki/ CN