Creative accessories: Valrose, Provence

Creative accessories for quality glasses and sunglasses are not always easy to come by but the more specialised designs are increasingly featuring in high end optical boutiques where customers value creative products that complement spectacles and keep them safe and easy to find. When we have reviewed the finer examples, there has been a prevailing trend for the use of elegant materials and a design direction in tune with jewellery trends that sets the independent makers apart.

The French label Valrose, based in Saint-Didier, Provence, is one of those labels and one of the most established. The company launched their first collections in 1993, and today produce many styles and designs that offer a practical use with a stylish finish.

Acetate chain by Valrose. Made in France.
Acetate chain by Valrose
Glasses cases by Valrose
Glasses cases by Valrose

For those with a sensibility for good design, their collections will be appreciated. Natural materials, fabrics such as linen, acetate and 100% wool felt are important features in the line, and bright colours and trims set a chic Mediterranean mood. Chains in acetate are made by hand in France, designed as pendants to match one’s style or mood. Also on offer are a nice choice of soft and semi-hard cases, cords in leather and cotton, and pretty decorative chains with gemstones and tropical-style beads, styled as jewellery pieces with unique colour combinations and real individuality and flair. For further details about Valrose accessories visit CN