Instant refresh: VON-IKKE accessories

Handmade eyewear chains add an extra enhancement to specialist frames, and new labels are popping up with innovative ideas balancing practicality and eye-catching design. VON-IKKE eyewear cords are handmade in Mainz, Germany by Elisa Biscotti and Mario von Wantoch-Rekowski. Discreet quality details such as nickel-free eyelets and loops coordinate with the colours of the cords, and all the designs are made in Germany in their entirety.

VON-IKKE chain, Germany
VON-IKKE chain, Germany

Colours include bold brights such as orange, violet or coral, and multicoloured versions of which our favourites are the two-tone blue with multicoloured patterning entwined in the cord.

Götti Switzerland
Hangar by VON-IKKE

Having caught on quickly with opticians in Germany in the year since they created the start-up, the label is also producing a new Hangar necklace, which acts both as a frame chain and elegant piece of wearable art. Stockists include Vogel Optik in St Moritz ( and Coblens Augenoptik ( and For more information about VON-IKKE chains and their unique Hangar necklace, visit CN  – Photography by Elisa