Eyewear & art: Götti style and charisma

Eyewear and art share and enjoy reciprocal excellence, and beautiful harmony is embodied elegantly with Götti’s stunning collections. With the perception of spectacle frames and an innovative accessory for your eyes and face, glasses radiate a distinct personality with character and finesse. Sven Götti at Götti Switzerland approaches his designs with a musical, artistic rhythm. Exclusively for Eyestylist.com, visual concept creators Elisa and Jasmin Teichtmeister, who are sisters, organised a photo shoot with Austrian artist Julian Epok in his Vienna atelier, wearing timeless eyewear designs created by Sven. In the above image, Julian wears Bold 11 – streamlined, sleek and lightweight sunglasses from the Götti Perspective Collection. The lenses are available in eight distinctive colours.

Götti Perspective DSO2 – Rimless with masterful minimalism

Artistically stylish and developed with high-tech expertise, the Perspective Collection embraces airiness, flexibility, and masterful minimalism. Style DS02 (above) combines graphic components in a striking double-bridge design. www.gotti.ch The complete Götti collections will be presented at Hall of Frames Zurich 15th-16th September www.hallofframes.ch and at SILMO in Paris 27th-30th September. www.silmoparis.com Jasmin Teichtmeister is a fashion stylist for eyewear and accessories. [email protected] Elisa Teichtmeister is a fine art photographer and multi-media artist. [email protected] Austrian artist Julian Epok www.julianepok.com JG