TVR 504 JD Special Edition

A bold and characteristic vintage-inspired design, direct from Sabae, Japan, TVR has put out yet another statement look based on 1950s and 60s “classic” characteristics, as part of their JD collection line.

TVR® 504 Black Tortoise (above) comprises 6mm Antique Tortoise with 2mm Classic Black Zylonite to express the Brow Line effect on the frame. The upper portion of the frame is thicker than the lower, emphasizing the curvature of the ‘brow’ to give the eyepiece its elegant contours. TVR® 504 Brown Clear (below) is constructed in 6mm Clear Crystal Zylonite with 2mm Brown Clear Zylonite material on the front. Its unique feature lies in the centre of the bridge area where it is purposely left in clear finish — also known as a two-tone frame.

Creating the Black Tortoise and Brown Clear front and temples with a flawless finish, TVR® has perfected specific artisanal techniques. The styling is that made famous by icons of the cinema: James Dean, and more recently Brad Pitt in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

TVR 504 Brown Clear

This special edition comes from the hand of a particular master craftsman in Sabae. Sawada-Yaemon is from a family of highly skilled artisans whose heritage dates back to the Edo period. Sawada-Yaemon holds strongly to his multi-generational reputation and his family’s work in perfecting the the TVR Arnel shape using traditional measuring techniques. For more details visit