3D Printed Exclusive: Gotti launches model Ahlf

Known for an elegant lightweight minimalism in acetate, titanium, and buffalo horn where exceptional comfort and durability pair with fresh, modern design, Gotti Switzerland has fast become an innovator in another specialism in eyewear design: the world of 3D printed frames.

Fresh for release this season, a new statement design – model Ahlf – has been added to their advanced repertoire – fashioned as a statement piece with a bold and futuristic style.

Futuristic style from Gotti Switzerland – Ahlf in colour Slate-G
The oversized visor-like curved frame front features a layered effect (in 3D printed Polyamide achieved via laser sintering) to create depth and provides a startling contrast to the narrow metal temples (produced in this line in Sandvik stainless steel). The frame can be created in progressive colour schemes which include the option of a two-toned effect.
Gotti Switzerland first launched their 3D printed collection DIMENSION in 2018, and since that time they have been able to explore and evolve the possibilities of 3D design in the context of luxury eyewear. The 3D printed ‘screwless’ frames are typically lightweight, flexible with interesting surfaces and a very wide choice of high-quality colours and semi-matt finishes. For more details visit: www.gotti.ch