Couture finesse at Lafont Paris: model Gala

If there’s one thing Lafont always carries off with elegance, it’s their refreshingly creative blending of colours and patterns. Part of the new Spring eyewear collection, the bold classical rectangular shaping of model Gala takes on a whole new vibrancy of character in wonderful mixes of translucent light tinted crystal, patterned and deep hued voluminous acetates, each one bringing a statement style all of its own. Above: model Gala (7115) pictured in a delicate purple with pastel tones of blue and grey.

Lafont Paris: Gala 5163 – light pink tinted crystal with multi-colored ‘snake’ tortoiseshell

The patterned materials, much like refined couture fabrics with complex, highly worked details, are matched with precision and expertise – surprising combinations rooted in vintage inspirations, are revitalised and refreshed with exquisite quality and modern flair in signature effects inspired by natural feathers and animal prints.

OGI Eyewear
Lafont Paris: Gala 5157 – a mix of tortoiseshell and pheasant feather lining

Lafont Paris frames are produced exclusively in France and are registered with the “French Origin Guarantee” certification to uphold quality, transparency and traceability of all their unique products. For more information about the new collection 2020, visit