3 of the best stylish glasses: sun shapes at LINDBERG

Must-haves for aficionados of the Danish label’s lightweight design

LINDBERG sun titanium celebrates a mood of avantgarde chic with statement shapes and intriguing fashion combinations for blissful summer days. The latest collection by the luxury Danish label is a creative playground, founded on the signature LINDBERG craftsmanship and care for quality, reduced weight and fine artisan finishing. With modernist overtones, the pronounced shapes and proportions unite with an array of brilliant colour pairings and delicate transparencies which dress the face with elegance and a bold fresh vision. Above: LINDBERG 8328, a cat-eye inspired, 5-sided eye shape. The transparent frame and angular form has a dramatic beauty on the face

LINDBERG 8327: fashion-forward, custom-made sunglasses

Model 8327 plays with an interesting contrast where the thick transparent rim can be teamed with a brightly toned lens, according to each customer’s requirements. The very slim titanium temples contrast with the uniquely glamorous elongated square eye shape.

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Stylish glasses – LINDBERG 8588: light, delicate styling for a classically beautiful look

The hexagonal 8588 provides the classic, minimal, couture style of a LINDBERG frame in a light, comfortable construction with a shape that is versatile yet perfectly on point. All LINDBERG sun models are fitted with premium sun lenses to ensure optimal vision and exceptional glare protection, throughout the day. Find more sunglasses and ophthalmic styles at www.LINDBERG.com