Cool glasses for all face shapes: Morel 80002A sunnies

Multi-sided shapes have been increasing across product lines – the versatility of the styles for different face shapes and their stylish look which balances classic with quirky is great for men and women alike. The latest style in this genre at the French eyewear company Morel is an example of a look that gives a nod to the 1990s, minimal and well-proportioned (not oversize) with a slightly elongated octagonal eye shape and a UV protective lens – in a range of colours for all tastes – black, emerald green and pink. The frame comes from the Azur collection – a dedicated sunglass line which balances tradition and know-how with some notable technical attributes including 100% polarized lenses (by Italy’s Divel Italia) with an internal anti-reflection coating – available on all men’s and women’s models in the line for the current season. Find out more at

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