Fleye Copenhagen: Elements of Art

Virtual products showcase From the Elements of Art collection by the Danish label, models Hilaro and Marianna are testimony to the company’s fondness for the arts, translated into wearable designs with a clear focus on exceptional detail.

“Elements of Art” is a tribute to the Danish museum; Thorvaldsens Museum – the first of its kind in Denmark. The characteristic museum was built to exhibit the work of the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) and offers outstanding experiences in art and archictecture – where brightly colored walls, richly decorated ceilings and mosaic floors are a backdrop for Bertel Thorvaldsen’s marble and plaster sculptures, capsuled by the high-seated light. Above: Model Hilaro by Fleye Copenhagen

Model Hilaro by Fleye Copenhagen in pure white: the semi-rimless frame has a light, slim almost floating silhouette

A trip to Thorvaldsens Museum led to the inspiration process the collection, leading the design team to experiment with molding, reflecting the preliminary process of creating the marble sculptures, and putting it into a present-day context. Rather than molding in clay and cast, the designers began creating soap in various forms, colours and patterns from Thorvaldsens Museum. The geometric blocks of soap were stacked on top of each other, creating art sculptures and visions for the frame designs.

Götti Switzerland

The graphic art sculptures inspired the designs in the “Elements of Art” collection. Solid block colours and intriguing patterns from the museum have been directly transferred to new colorways and engravings in the eyewear designs, as well as patterns and transparency created by light reflections.

Marianna: Elements of Art by Fleye Copenhagen – complex study and research led to a collection inspired by the Danish museum, Thorvaldsens Museum
Marianna by Fleye Copenhagen: in ‘stone brown spotted’
Products: Marianna and Hilaro from the Elements of Art Collection Brand: Fleye Copenhagen Website: https://fleye.dk Contact address: [email protected]

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