JF Rey: dynamic and experimental design

Virtual products showcase: JF Rey’s dynamic, upbeat and experimental collections see new entries for autumn, with highlights including architecturally-informed designs, an interesting submarine inspired concept and more 3D spectacle shapes inspired by the amazing natural complexity and design of the structure of a shell. Above: the Shell concept is created in stainless steel – the colours are applied by hand. Photography: Ulrich Hartmann

Model NAUTINEW 0000: JF Rey

This concept is informed by the Nautilus submarine: its cutting-edge technology and high-tech engineering are a subtle reference to the portholes scanning the depths of the sea. Its complex shape results from a technical 3D-printing process, with a stainless-steel and nylon combination on the front and both side shells of the frame, while playing graphic contrast rectangle/round shape. The creative process is based on seeking out quality and unique lightness in materials along with excellence and functionality in the design. Black colour and soft matt finishing on the front strengthen the assertive and bold allure of the model. A contemporary and distinctive look specially cut out for adventurous people and protecting the gaze from light rays, wind and water splashes.

JF2913 Concept Shell – made in France

These eye-catching glasses (Concept Shell at JF Rey) have been imagined in the spirit of a shell, around the idea of a harmonious cocoon for women’s eyes. Crafted from fine quality stainless-steel, it strikes with its distinct octagonal shape achieved in an extreme fineness, airy lightness and bold avant-garde influences. Volumes appear in a delicate geometric construction playing the contrasts of shape and colours in a distinctive graphic spirit. The combination of pink gold and luminous poppy red elegantly combine with the lofty constructions. Handmade colorization on the front highlights the elegance and the precious styling of the model.

JF Rey 2879 Concept Wave

The result of technical and visual research, this frame – Concept Wave – offers a fluid, lightweight, and moving design. The modern and graphic style is achieved by the folding and coloring of thin stainless-steel strips. The style is given its character through a game in which fine metal lines bend, cross, overlap and vibrate on the front in a light and airy structure. Each stainless-steel element is individually folded, colored by hand and assembled on the frame according to a specially graphics construction.

Product: JF Rey collections “Wave, “Shell”, “Nautinew” Brand: JF Rey Website: www.jfrey.fr Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].