TVR 504 & TVR Arnel – 2020 Edition

Virtual products showcase: The iconic style of actor James Dean, the panto shape is one of the most timeless vintage designs ever created. Based meticulously on the shape and replicating its style, the 504 and Arnel models by Japanese label TVR are recreated by hand by expert craftsmen in Sabae, Japan; the eyewear boasts 50s retro anti-slip strips, seven-barrel hinges, a keyhole bridge, signature SPM (Sun Platinum Metal material) spear rivets and miter cutting by hand.  Above: TVR Arnel: classic style handcrafted in Japan
TVR 504 – worn by George Laboda
The TVR® Arnel® shape – also known as the JD frame – is usually patented using Japanese 4mm celluloid to accentuate the lustre and shine of the material. Its slim profile also adds comfort and a better fit. The updated iteration is crafted by hand by TVR®’s master craftsman in Sabae, Japan, Sawada-Yaemon.
The miter cut technique is a critical feature of vintage eyewear where the front of the frame and temples each lie at a 45-degree angle, creating a 90-degree angle. True Vintage Revival remakes all the original elements of the TVR® 504 and TVR® Arnel® using an exceptionally rare, authentic mould that produced the classic shape just as it was in the past.
TVR504: based on the classic style, worn by James Dean
“We come from a family of master craftsmen whose heritage dates back to the Edo period. Our family, the Yaemon, in fact is the first to perfect the iconic TVR® 504 shape using traditional measurements and techniques, making this collection extra special to us.” —Sawada-Yaemon

To celebrate the overwhelming support and encouraging response from customers over the years, TVR® will be offering this 2020 edition using Zylonite material, featuring the intricate Japanese engraving depicting The Great Wave of Kanagawa on the metal core.

Product: TVR 504 and TVR Arnel Brand: TVR (Japan) Website: / Contact address: [email protected]

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