Götti Switzerland: innovation for autumn

Virtual products showcase: For the coming season, Götti Switzerland is adding six new titanium styles to its collection, including fashionable shapes paired with 3D printed inlays and two strong masculine shapes. The Swiss brand also announces feminine acetate styles in new stunning transparent colours as well as strong and bold acetate classics for men. For autumn, new entries will appear in the Dimension range including 14 new models, 4 of which are designed for kids and teens. The adult Dimension styles have a super thin construction, with  sleek lightweight temples – the easygoing everyday shapes fit many different face shapes and personalities.
In Götti’s Perspective design ‘Folio’ – the essence of which is built on strong contours and technical innovation – a fine, flat rim, reduced to an absolute minimum, encases the lenses. A sophisticated balance – with architectural references is formed through the strong structure and breathtaking lightness of the product.
Above: model Dancy is new at Götti Switzerland: on the surface, the model is a progressive take on a slightly oversized cat’s eye. A closer look shows the inlays produced in an additive manufacturing process, thanks to Götti’s in-house 3D-printing capabilities. The result is a distinguished balance of classic and futuristic.

3D printed: Everts by Götti Switzerland

The ultra-bold Everts model by Götti Switzerland is a masculine interpretation of the classic aviator style. Like all frames in the Dimension collection, these sunglasses are 100% manufactured in Switzerland, using state-of-the-art 3D printing capabilities with all focus on sustainable manufacture. The polyamide front is combined with stainless steel temples to create a flexible and comfortable frame to fit individual wearers.

Ernest by Götti Switzerland

Inspired by time-honored classics, reduced to essentials: model Ernest Götti Switzerland   offers a modern twist on a bold, square frame. With a slightly thicker rim (pictured in black), the versatile unisex design is made from hand-polished acetate produced exclusively for Götti by leading manufacturers in Germany and Austria.

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About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].