EOE flagship, Stockholm

For its flagship store in the city of Stockholm, sustainable eyewear brand EOE has created a serene and minimal EOE universe, inspired by the sparse nature of the northern terrains of Swedish Lapland. The new destination store is located on Mäster Samulesgatan 10, in the middle of Biblioteksstan, a busy and well-known area of the city, known for its many retail stores, among them several already specialising in eyewear.

“Coming to EOE should be like visiting a dear friend,” says co-founder Emilia Lindmark, who is as passionate about eyewear design as she is about her origins. “We will highlight creative talents from northern Sweden. One week this could mean an art exhibition with a sculptor from Norrbotten, next week a gig with a DJ with roots up north. Simply put, the store will be a piece of Norrland right in the middle of Stockholm.”

Interior: EoE Eyewear – the flagship opened in January 2021 – the walls are inspired by natural clay

The store concept is a natural extension of the sustainable EOE design philosophy;  inspiration from nature with a distinct focus on material, form and detail: a blue table is inspired by a waterfall; the displays are made from travertine, inspired by the Swedish mountains.

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About the brand: EOE Eyewear are specialists in sustainable eyewear. They produce frames which are recycled and recyclable. In 2019, the company was the first in the optical business to produce new frames from a material created out of old ones with the REGRIND collection. Find out more on Eyestylist at https://www.eyestylist.com/2020/03/exclusive-collection-eoe-eyewear-for-10th-anniversary/ The flagship store is located at Mäster Samulesgatan 10, Stockholm, Sweden www.eoe-eyewear.com