Pursuit of the senses: Padma Image

The Japanese label by Meiji Hasui adds new colours for the asymmetrical ‘Shichisan’

Simplicity. Artistry. And a delicacy of style. The Japanese label Padma Image first appeared on Eyestylist in 2014 and is gradually growing, under designer Meiji Hasui’s careful eye.  Breaking with conventions and traditional design features, the label’s new collection (available in Japan and local markets to Japan) includes one of the classic styles in the Padma Image repertoire – the asymmetrical model Shichisan, inspired by a traditional Japanese hairstyle – a Japanese ‘look’ characterised by a parting to one side. Above: Shichisan frame on model. The design was first introduced on Eyestylist in 2015: www.eyestylist.com/2015/06/eyestylist-talks-to-yuuki-hasui/

OGI Eyewear
MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Shichisan by Padma Image: made in Sabae

“Like an asymmetrical and natural side parting, I thought that even if the upper half of the glasses were asymmetrical, there would still be an elegant harmony with the eyebrows,” says Hasui, who has produced several asymmetrical style frames in the last years, including the Ue-Shita and the Moku-Moku, featured on Eyestylist. “We work with a small factory in Sabae which uses advanced technology and skillful craftsmen for absolute quality design.” To read more about Padma Image in English click on the link: https://www.eyestylist.com/2019/12/ue-shita-by-padma-image/   For more about the brand visit www.padmaimage.com