Japanese designers: Ue-Shita by Padma Image

Padma Image, the Japanese independent eyewear line (which is yet to arrive in Europe) continues to inspire us with its asymmetrical spectacles and experimental design work which is always surprising, skilful and unique in presentation. The new “Ue-Shita” translates “Top and Under” – it combines the quirky style of the frame which has a half-rimless asymmetrical construction with bright colours and patterns inspired by the painter Ichiro Yamaguchi and his work TONE – recreated in the frame with care with a UV layered printing technique.

Artist Ichiro Yamaguchi’s work as inspiration –  TONE

Padma Image by young designer Meiji Hasui looks forward to launching in Europe shortly. Eyestylist has been following the brand since 2014. See earlier models at: https://www.eyestylist.com/2014/11/rotary-no-50/  https://www.eyestylist.com/2015/06/eyestylist-talks-to-yuuki-hasui/ – For more information: www.padmaimage.com CN

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MOREL par Jean Nouvel