Recycled plano lenses for design: Lens Light Heads

London designer Yair Neuman creates lights for interiors marketplace HARTH

Following a lockdown design project with Cubitts of London, making lights with repurposed optical lenses, Yair Neuman has gone on to create a new line of pendant lights called Lens Light Heads, available to purchase at design site HARTH.

Handmade from upcycled spectacle lenses, Neuman has created sculptural pendant lights in a limited special edition. The exclusive designs use contemporary 3D design with an acute understanding of the circular economy, and a donation to the Climate Coalition will be made with every light purchased.

Hall of Frames 4. September 2022 Lucerne Museum of Transport
ERKERS est 1879 USA
TVR advert 2021 linked to the TVR website
OGI Eyewear
Oliver Goldsmith
Yair Neuman’s Lens Light Collection at HARTH: (£485) which includes a 5% donation to the Climate coalition charity

The Lens Light Heads are an ideal pendant feature light for the home or store interior. The spherical structures are delicate and elegant, surrounded by a halo of the petal-like lenses. Two halves are fixed with brass rivets. Each piece is easy to install with a simple cable and hook system, to allows for maximum flexibility. The overall effect is of an organic form, a little like a flower head. The Lens Light Heads emit a glow when switched on, but also gleam with iridescence when unlit, due to the unique material that Neuman has devised.

From his extensive work in eyewear design, Neuman has seen first-hand the hidden waste in the business and the Lens Light collection is a direct response, showing firstly that the waste exists, and secondly how the material can be turned into something aesthetically beautiful and useful – for years to come. Neuman developed the waste plano lenses into a sheet material after extensive experimentation. The result is a material that is strong, attractive, and that clearly communicates the story of the potential reuse of this type of waste. Find out more at (@harth_space) to purchase the products  / Visit for more on the designer. Written by Clodagh Norton for