Jean-François Rey design: colour boost in acetate

Jean-François Rey’s JF 1497, glowing colour effects inspired by silk fibers and textured threads

Eyewear designer Jean-François Rey’s design acetate concepts explore the patterns and textured effects of fibers and threads. The husband and wife design team have pioneered creative concepts in metal and acetate since the 1990s. They continue to play with colour and design possibilities in eyewear, inspired by the arts, and everything else they love! For their recent models in acetate, a personal passion for fabrics and textiles has translated into studies in pairing colours, transparencies and linear details. The frames come in elegant shapes such as hexagons and ovals and capture a chic and glowing tonal effect and sheen. This adds Spring-infused radiance and style. Above: the JF 1497 is available in a range of delicate combination colours including the light brown with blue pairing (pictured above).

MOREL par Jean Nouvel


Jean-François Rey design – JF 1497 in light brown with blue (above) and gradient pink with brown lace (below)

Jean-François Rey JF 1497 comes from a series of acetates with elaborate colour schemes and patterned effects. The Jean-François Rey designs for women feature delicate colours with rich graduated effect. A leaning towards soft, pastel or powdery tones is evident here. The finishing touches such as the shaping of the temples and the metal flex hinge ensure sophistication and comfort for everyday wear. Find more of the Jean-François Rey design styles at the website: