Emerging creative label: VADA Eyes from Texas

Sunglasses insights: Katie Caplener’s eyewear is fresh, striking and beautifully presented

From an all female team of makers in Austin, Texas, the jewellery brand VADA launches a new line of sunglasses – TOKIO, TEXAS Collection II – produced in fine materials and responsibly sourced, conjuring up some imaginative references – from ancient art to modern dance, neoclassicism to New Wave. The evocative sunglass collection – highlighted in Eyestylist’s sunglasses trend bulletin this month – www.eyestylist.com/eyestylist-trend-bulletin-issue-3/ – and among our favourite finds so far in 2021 – is part of the first wave of stylish Japanese made frames from the brand which is best known for its fine intricate handmade jewelry. Above: the new and awesome campaign from VADA, TOKIO TEXAS : KAUBŌI TOKIO CICADA – VADA frames are designed in Austin, Texas and handmade in Japan – Campaign photography by Kaiman Kazazian

VADA Eyes: in the foreground, the oversized Cicada Garnet sunglasses – a “butterfly square” – and an ode to jewellery designer Elsa Peretti

The new models include the dramatic oversized Cicada Garnet, a frame name that references the insect native to Texas and Japan, and created in reverence to Elsa Peretti’s personal eyewear from which the model “takes some of its shapely cues.” The styles typically feature 8mm organic cellulose acetate, 18K gold plated metal details, and a monogram rivet for a VADA custom chain retainer attachment.

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About the brand: Founded in 2013, VADA specialises in fine jewelry as well as highly curated vintage and antique collections. VADA Eyes is the latest chapter in the brand’s story, launched in Spring 2020 with imaginatively styled frames in cellulose acetate, and featuring hand-wrought metal adornments and custom rivets to hold branded decorative gold chains. The frames are currently available to purchase in the brand’s online boutique and at specialist optical retailers including the highly esteemed Black Optical (www.blackoptical.com) in Dallas, USA. To find out more about VADA, visit www.vadajewelry.com